Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Braids Return!

I am excited to see that braids are popular in hair styles this Spring. I have always loved braids and I love to use braids in my jewelry design. This 17 inch (43.2 cm) necklace is made by crocheting beads on non tarnish silver wire. The blue beads were strung onto sterling silver wire, crocheted, and then 3 strands were braided together. It is unique and stunning. Crocheted necklaces are my passion. Braiding is also a love of mine. The different shades of blue and the silver colors compliment each other. The necklace is held together with a beautiful 22 mm by 19 mm sterling plated toggle clasp. The beads include lapis chips, cat's eye beads, and round soladite beads.

I love to use soladite and lapis because blue is one of my favorite colors. Soladite is one of the compoents of Lapis Lazuli. Soladite is considered a semi-precious stone found in all shades of blue. This is due to the white calcite in its content.

It is believed that Soladite can help with boosting your immune system, and change the way you feel about yourself by helping you adopt a simpler life, less hectic. Blue is a calming color.

I also like to use cat's eye beads because they change hue as they capture and reflect light. These beads have a band of light running through the center that resembles a cat's eye. All who know me know that I love cats too so naturally I would be attracted to beads with cat in the name.