Saturday, November 27, 2021

November Inspiration::Gourds

                                                       Photo by Jenny Kalahar on Unsplash

This month's Art Elements theme is --the gourd.  You can use any medium you feel inspires you.  This time of year, I love to decorate with my favorite gourd --the pumpkin.  Its range of colors make it perfect for fall inspiration.   

Now that the  trick-or-treaters are gone and the costumes and decorations are packed away and Thanksgiving is over what about the pumpkins? 
Millions of pumpkins are sent to landfills each year, There they will decompose, releasing methane — a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide — into the atmosphere.  Rather than sending your pumpkins out with the trash,  think about some other options.  Composting is a perfect solution.   Even if you're going to compost your pumpkins, scoop the seeds out first and save them for the wildlife.  If that is not an available option then consider cutting your pumpkin into pieces and spreading outside as a treat for local critters. Birds, squirrels, chipmonks, foxes, deer and other mammals.will feed on the flesh of the pumpkins in addition to the seeds.

These unique pumpkin statement earrings combine beautiful ceramic orange ceramic ovals that remind me of pumpkins. I added small green beads that look like stems. I used brass leaf bead caps and copper wire to create the stems. Natural brass ear wires provide contrast.

Throughout the month of November projects can be posted on Instagram using the hashtag #aethemechallenge or and tag it with @art__elements (2 underscores between art and elements) and they will repost your images. You can also post it to the Art Elements Community Facebook page. I hope you have discovered a new way to reuse your pumpkins and help the planet a bit.