Sunday, October 30, 2011

Inspired by the Nature's Historic October Storm

Storm Brings Driftwood
Saturday we had a historic storm in the northeast.  Many areas had an early snowfall and lots of people lost power.  In balmy Lewes, Delaware, we were spared cold temperatures and snow.  We did have lots of rain, wind, and flooding. With the this storm unusually high and low tides came and went.  Today, the sun shines and the beaches have lots of driftwood.  Driftwood is the inspiration for  this crocheted necklace.
Driftwood Inspired Necklace by Bay Moon Design

I love to make crocheted necklaces.  I've been crocheting for decades now and I find it very calming.  This beautiful necklace is 19 inches (25.4 mm) in length and crocheted with copper artistic wire. The amber chips are crocheted on artistic wire and held together by a copper clasp. The focal is made from a piece of wood that has a tiny hole in the center. I was able to use this hole to add some amber chips to this unique focal.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Craft Fair Tips

Last week I was a vendor at the Baywood Craft and Collectables Fair.  It was my first chance to try of my new cart.  My husband was kind enough to purchase this cart through and some clear plastic bins from Walmart to to help me with setting up at craft fairs.  The other essential item is the bungee cord which can be picked up at a hardware store.   It was definitely a huge help and I recommend purchasing one.
The beauty of selling jewelry and handmade cars is that they are small and fit into a few bins.
 I have a very small car so it is a good think that my jewelry and cards take up very little room.  The metal cart folds up when empty and fits into my trunk with one bin and the shelf.  The other bin goes on the front seat beside me. 

I discovered that my table was long and narrow.

 It is always nice when the sponsor of the event supplies the table.  I do have a light weight table that folds and fits into the back seat area of my car if I have to supply my own.  This sponsor supplied the table cloth.  This is the first time that I encountered that!  I have a beige table cloth that I usually use and I brought it with me to cover my layers that I build.

I build layers to create height.

 I have a shelf and some old stereo speaker stands that I bring with me and then cover with a table cloth.  It is important to build height in your display so that it is visually more interesting and your items are closer for the shoppers to see. Being green I try to use items from my household like some trays.  When of my most interesting displays is the blue tray that I cover with white rice and white beans.  I usually put my children's jewelry there and the beans and rice make an interesting display and a mini playground for kids.  Every year  add some necklace stands to my collection and look through my seasonal home decorations for items that I can use.  I found a black Halloween tree that I hung some earrings from.  For the Christmas fairs, I have a gold tree that I use.  Marshals is a great place to look for these kinds of displays.

Ready for Shoppers!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beautiful Weekend for a Craft Fair

Baywood Gulf and Country Club
Baywood Country Club was the scene for an annual craft fair that I was a vendor at on October 15, 2011.  The weather and scenery were spectacular.  Baywood is Sussex County's version of Longwood Gardens .   It has beautiful vegetation everywhere--both outside and inside.  It  is a public golf course and restaurant. 

 The autumn decorations as I entered the clubhouse were beautiful.  What a lovely stage for a craft fair.   I met some some new crafters and discovered that some of my fellow swimmers from the Sussex Family YMCA in Rehoboth Beach are talented artisans who were also vendors there.  The fair was organized by Soni another regular swimmer.  It was well attended and it will be held next year in November.  So mark your calendars!
Bay Moon Design Table at Craft Fair