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We're All Ears:: August Inspiration :: Spoonflower

10 graphics that are Winners of  Circles are the New Triangles Contest Entries
Winners of  Circles are the New Triangles Contest Entries
August's We're All Ears inspiration is from a website that prints custom fabrics--Spoonflower. At Spoonflower, you can get custom fabrics in a variety of styles, from cotton to satin to chiffon, and you can even design your own fabric pattern! How cool is that?

Our challenge is to interpret a favorite fabric into earrings from the Circles are the New Triangles Contest. To narrow it down, we are to select a fabric from one of the top 10 winners.  From the graphic above you can see these top 10 give you a wide range of colors and patterns and interpretations of circles for you to choose from.

Surprise Party By Kate Rhees
Surprise Party By Kate Rhees 
My first selection for inspiration is the first place winner Surprise Party By Kate Rhees. Being a child of the sixties, I have always loved big circle earrings. Now, they are back in fashion. For me, they always have been in style. I had some red and brown ceramic circles by Marsha Neal Studio that I thought would be perfect.  I noticed the use of red and brown in this graphic which is a combination that I like. 
Circle Love Earrings by BayMoonDesign
Circle Love Earrings by BayMoonDesign

These are ceramic red hoop earrings with a retro look. The red and brown hoop earrings are perfect for those who are looking for circle earrings with an earthy retro look. They are very light on the ears. I used natural brass findings and ear wires when I made the earrings. These boho earrings hangs 2 inches (5.1 cm.) in length.  They are available for purchase in my online store.

Pond Life By Vincent Desjardins
Pond Life By Vincent Desjardins
My next graphic selection that inspired a pair of earrings is Pond Life By Vincent Desjardins. I love how the circular ripples radiate across a pond filled with round lily pads and waterlilies. Koi fish circle below the surface. It caught my attention because it looks like my tiny backyard pond which is filled with lily pads and waterlilies too, but pond has goldfish instead of Koi fish.  
Pond Life Earrings by BayMoonDesign
Pond Life Earrings by BayMoonDesign
The earrings are inspired by the blue green colors and circular shapes in the "Pond Life" graphic.  I used handmade oval, blue green ceramic beads by Grubbi and pretty green crystal beads to create modern earrings with a boho look. Natural brass ear wires are used to complete the design. The long earrings are light and comfortable to wear and measure 2.5 inches in length. They have a modern, distresses look to them.  These are unique earrings that are available for purchase in my online store.

I encourage you to join me and see what other jewelry designers were inspired to make. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

July Art Elements Challenge--Seed Pods

Photo of seed pod by Sebastian Seck on Unsplash
Photo by Sebastian Seck on Unsplash
The theme for the July Art Elements monthly challenge is "seed pods".   Seed pods are pouch-like forms on a plant which encloses the seeds.  I found a wonderful collection of photos of seed pods on Pinterest and a tutorial on making seed pods from polymer clay by Claire Fabian of Art Elements.

seed pod by Sue-Lin Tarnowski of Tsin Design
seed pod by Sue-Lin Tarnowski of Tsin Design
I was tempted to make some seed pods and I hope to do so soon.  In the meantime I won a seed pod in a design challenge sponsored by Brooke Bock.   The lovely creation was made by Sue-Lin Tarnowski of Tsin Design.  Prior to the win, I had admired her beads in other designers' jewelry.  I discovered her in Facebook Land where she sells her creations. This challenge provided me the urgency to design with her seed pod.

Seed Pod Necklace by BayMoonDesign
Seed Pod Necklace by BayMoonDesign
With this beautiful bead I made this handmade polymer clay blue and brown seed pod necklace on a long chunky chain.  I added a few vintage beads that I repurposed along with a polymer clay bead in very close to color of blue that the pod is.   I picked this bead up on my trip to Grand Marais, Minnesota.   The natural brass chain is 24 inches around with the pendant hanging below.  If you love art jewelry that is inspired by nature, this is a necklace for you.

By Mitzi.humphrey [CC BY-SA 4.0  (], from Wikimedia Commons
By Mitzi.humphrey [CC BY-SA 4.0  (], from Wikimedia Commons
There are lots of participants in this challenge for everyone to visit.  Comments are welcome!  A special thanks to Jennifer Cameron of Art Elements for creating this challenge.  
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Friday, July 20, 2018

We're All Ears Cheers to July!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

July's We're All Ears challenge is to find a picture of a favorite summer drink and build some earrings around it! The colors, the flavors, the shape of the glass, the way the ice melts, even the sweat stain on the coaster....your choice! 

Photo by Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. This year's celebration was very special because I had both of my adult children at home so I wanted to find a festive red, white, and blue drink.

Patriotic Vodka Slushie
We celebrated with a refreshing and colorful slushie made with grenadine, blue curacao, and spiked lemonade.  I need to point out that the way you layer this drink isn’t a choice. To effectively create layers, you need to consider the thickness of each liquid. In this case, grenadine is thicker than Blue Curacao, and lemonade is thinner than both grenadine and Blue Curacao. This is why the drink is layered red, blue, and white, because it goes from thickest consistency to thinnest. If you layered it any other way then the layers might not hold and the different colors would be more likely to bleed through.

Step 1 – In a food processor, blend grenadine and ice until slushy, then pour a layer (about 1/3 the size of the glass) into the bottom of your glasses.
Step 2 – Blend blue curacao and ice until slushy, then gently add another 1/3 layer on top of the grenadine.
Step 3 – To finish off, blend the lemonade, vodka, and ice, then top off your drinks with a final layer.
Step 4 – Serve and enjoy!

Red Rose Earrings by BayMoonDesign

 The patriotic color scheme of red, white, and blue inspired these earrings.  I used red polymer clay roses by Brooke Bock and the royal blue lampwork by Sue Kennedy.  I added some recycled, vintage white glass beads. The earrings are finished with Vintaj brass earwires.  These earrings are available for purchase HERE.  They would make a great July birthday gift.  You may also want to snag them for yourself.  They are perfect for the summer holidays.

I can't wait to see what other drinks inspired some earrings.  What a fun challenge!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Art Elements June Theme Challenge – Sunflowers

Sunflower Photo by David Clode on Unsplash
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash
I love sunflowers so I knew that I would be participating in the June Art Elements challenge by creating something inspired by the theme of sunflowers.  This also gave me the opportunity to revisit some photos of sunflowers that I took in the Fall 2017 when I visited my son who was living in Duluth, Minnesota at the time.  My husband and I decided to celebrate his birthday in Grand Marais, Minnesota which is several hours north of Duluth by car.  Grand Marais is a gorgeous little town and art enclave located on the shores of Lake Superior.  It isn't too far from Canada and has both lots of woods and coastline along Lake Superior.

sunflower photo by Kathy Lindemer, BayMoonDesign
sunflower photo by Kathy Lindemer, BayMoonDesign

Where we camped there was a community garden that had a number of sunflowers in different varieties.

sunflower photo by Kathy Lindemer, BayMoonDesign
sunflower photo by Kathy Lindemer, BayMoonDesign

Photo of marigold and butterflies by BayMoon Design
Photo of marigold and butterfly by BayMoon Design

The sunflowers attracted lots of butterflies the weekend we were there. I couldn't resist capturing some photos of these pretty creatures enjoying the flowers. They just about posed for the photos.

Coastline of Lake Superior at Grand Marais by BayMoonDesign
I took lots of photos of the town because it was so quaint and beautiful.  It is a great place to camp in the summer and fall.  I am sure that the winters are long and difficult there.  
Photo of boat anchored at Grand Marais by BayMoonDesign
Photo of boat anchored at Grand Marais by BayMoonDesign
There were a number of excellent spots to eat in town as well as very cute shops.  Since many artists live here the shops sell their creations.  I even managed to find some beads made by local artists to buy.  

Photo of Grand Marais by BayMoonDesign
Photo of Grand Marais by BayMoonDesign
Grand Marais has lots of scenic views. I think you will agree that this is one gorgeous place to visit. 

Boho Yellow Earrings by BayMoon Design
Boho Yellow Earrings by BayMoon Design

The sunflowers there inspired me to make a pair of yellow and brown earrings. These boho yellow earrings are inspired by the colors of the some of the sunflowers. The yellow and browns are great colors for late summer into early fall fashions. The colors of these earrings add a nice pop of color to them. The triangles are enameled tin by Numinosity. I added seed beads to white Irish linen thread to add additional color. Brown Czech glass flowers were also added to bring out the browns. They are available for purchased HERE.

sunflower Photo by Charlotte Coneybeer on Unsplash
Photo by Charlotte Coneybeer on Unsplash
I can't wait to see what others are inspired to make.  Feel free to visit and leave kind comments.  

A special thanks to Sue Kennedy who selected the theme.


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