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about Kathy Lindemer

I am the owner, maker, designer, curator of Bay Moon Design.  I make artisan jewelry and whimsical handmade cards for the nature lover.


I grew up loving to make things. I learned to knit, crochet, and draw as a child. I spent a lot of time outdoors hiking as a child. As an adult I started to build on these skills and interests by creating jewelry and cards influenced by nature. Bay Moon Design was born to make people have fun with jewelry and cards that bring nature and fun back into your life.
Chocolate is one of my favorite products of nature.  Here I am incorporating it into a fun card.

All my jewelry creations are drawn from influences found in nature, and each  piece is designed to be comfortable and fun to wear. My cards often co-ordinate with my jewelry.

The canal in historic Lewes, Delaware
At the core of Bay Moon Design is quality, sustainability and supporting local exchanges. I buy locally when possible.  My home town is Lewes, Delaware.  I have a wonderful husband and 2 adult children.  My daughter Christina's wedding is the basis for my DIY blog series. 
Lucy the "jewelry cat"
I also have 3 very cute Siamese cats.  One of these cats I call the "jewelry cat".  Lucy loves to supervise my creations as well as all aspects of my life.

I use mainly vintage or materials from nature, along with locally sourced, eco friendly supplies. I reuse packing envelopes when shipping. Craft shows that I participate in are all local.
My favorite local craft fairs are at Baywood and the Delaware by Hand shows in Dover and Lewes.

 I donate jewelry or cards to local charities. Everything is one of a kind or produced in small batches to preserve the fun of wearing something unique.  My latest donation was a necklace with a heart focal to the American Heart Association fundraiser in Delaware. 

A few words about the name Bay Moon Design :
Bay comes from the Delaware Bay which is where I have been fortunate to live and raise my family for over 30 years. Moon reflects my love of nature and Design refers to my creativity.

Please feel free to contact me at baymoondesign@gmail.com

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