Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shop Etsy and Support Artisans on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Vintage Book Page Wreath by Lily White's Party of Middletown, Delaware
This year there is lot of competition for your dollars during the holiday season.  Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the biggest shopping  period of the year.  There are a few things I would like you to think about before you venture out with your hard earned money.  One remember to shop local.  For me local is Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  Think of all your local businesses that you can support by buying items and services that your friends and family really need like hair cuts, car washes, a locally produced meal etc.  Most of us have way too much stuff and can make better use of a gift certificate for a local service.   Wouldn't it be nice to help your local community by keeping the dollars local and keeping local folks employed?

Silk Ribbon by Marsha Neal Studio
I was a vendor at a fashion show last weekend and the MC was the owner of a local hair salon. He made a pitch for shopping locally and not online.  Most of the other venders there were from local stores so that was really great for them.  For me, I was left thinking what about me!  I am a local crafter who does a few shows a year and has an online store not a bricks and mortar store.  Some of my best friends are online crafters in the same situation.  Lots of us use Etsy as our vehicle for selling our unique artisan wears.  I love to purchase from Etsy artisans.  The depth and range of products is as large as the number of people on Earth.  If I want to shop local on Etsy,  I can.  I am a member of the Delaware Etsy Street Team and some of my fellow artisans are amazing.  The team is made up of artists, crafters, vintage sellers, craft suppliers, and much more located in the State of Delaware and close by areas.  Whenever I purchase supplies for my online shop, I think locally.  Recently, I needed some silk ribbon to finish a necklace so I thought of my team captain Marsha Neal.  Her studio is located in Newark, Delaware.  I went online and purchased gorgeous ribbons from her and finished my necklace.  This beautiful sapphire blue green necklace has a large dichronic glass focal with a flower that is etched on it by artisan Nikki Blanchard.
Dichronic Glass Focal

If I want something custom made, you can find someone on Etsy.  I found an artisan who makes me polymer clay beads.  I used his coffee beans in these edgy java earrings.
Coffee Lover's Earrings by Bay Moon Design
Crocheted Necklace by Bay Moon Design
Also, keep in mind purchasing from your local museums.  Most museums sell artisan work.  If you live in the Rehoboth, Delaware area or are visiting there, the Rehoboth Art League has paintings, photographs, cards, hand knitted items, jewelry for sale there. It is in a beautiful wooded setting and can make a great day trip.  I usually have a few pieces of my crocheted necklaces there.   The proceeds help the museum and the artisans like Damon Pla.  We are both members of Delaware by Hand an organization of Delaware artisans.  If you know me, you know swimming is important to me so naturally I would be drawn to his acrylic of this swimmer. 

Acrylic by Damon Pla 

Many Etsy shops will be having special sales over this time period.  My shop offers  10% off with the coupon code BMDBFCM at checkout.  The Delaware Etsy Team has great deals going on this weekend.  Remember shop local and shop artisans!

Friday, November 4, 2011