Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Color Inspiration Challenge

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson of Sharly's Jewelry and Reflections blog posted a color challenge to create jewelry using specific color combinations.  The challenge is to post photos of jewelry that use at least 2 of the colors from the following 4 combinations:
#1:  dark pink, yellow, dark purple
#2:  lime green, yellow, pinkish-red
#3:   periwinkle, berry, yellow, green
#4:  raspberry/fuschia, carnation pink, bright yellow, sage green  
#3:   periwinkle, yellow, and  green colors
Since arms are bared in the summer, I have also been trying to add more bracelets to my shop. This floral bracelet is a great summer bracelet.  The periwinkle in this bracelet bar just called out to me.  Adding more green to the bracelet came naturally since the bracelet bar has green in it.  I used yellow to add some pop and the bronze metal that I used worked well with yellow. 

#1:  yellow, dark purple
In the spring, I made this bracelet.  It sold quickly so I used this same basic design for the periwinkle bracelet.  This bracelet began with the gorgeous purple and yellow square bead with flowers. I followed the lead from this bead and added more beads and crystals with yellow and dark purple.

#1:   yellow, dark purple 
This yellow and purple stacked bracelet is great for the summer.  I found the large dark purple beads and fell in love with the rich color.  Yellow seemed an natural selection for a complimentary color.
#2:  lime green, yellow

This lime green and yellow floral necklace resulted from a bead blog where I was sent beads from Lisa Lodge which included the lime green ones in this necklace.  I wanted to used the yellow flower for the focal and I happened to have a pink headpin for it.  I pulled some yellow, pink, and green, quartz beads and a pink quartz clasp from my bead collection and this summer necklace is the result.

#1:   yellow, dark purple

I have been adding yoga themed jewelry to my Etsy store.  When I spotted these pretty lotus flowers I new I had to have them for earrings.  I found these 2 dark purple round beads that bring out the purple in the hand painted ceramics.  The yellow of the gold metal seemed like a natural fit for the purple lotus earrings
Lisa Lodge sent me this gorgeous focal by Sharyl's Jewelry.

Unbeknownst to our hostess Sharyl, I received one of her gorgeous patinaed focals from Lisa Lodge to use in Lisa's Summer Color Challenge to be held on Aug. 24.  I would love to show you what I created with this focal and all of the gorgeous beads that Lisa sent me.  Since most of the beads  are all various shades of purple, the jewelry that I made with them fits in with this challenge really well.  I don't want to ruin the reveal on Aug. 24 so I'm not posting those pieces.    

Thank you Sharyl for organizing this blog hop!  Please visit Sharyl and the other participants to see how they use these colors. 

Blog Hop Participant List:

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson     Sharyl’s Jewelry    (Host)

Kashmira Patel   .....    Sadafulee...always in bloom! 

Lisa Lodge   .....   A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures 

Tanty Sri Hartanti   ....   TJewellicious by Tanti      

Kathy Lindemer ....  Bay Moon Design    

Laren Dee Barton ... Laren Dee Designs      

Melissa Trudinger  ... Beadrecipes    

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Owls in Jewelry and History

An owl rehabilitating at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center
While in the Florida Keys this winter, I had the opportunity to visit the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center.   Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release native and migratory wild birds that have been harmed or displaced, to provide or locate a humane shelter for those birds that cannot be released, and to educate the public toward the importance of coexistence with all wild bird species.  I spotted some beautiful owls like the one in this photo that were rehabilitating there.

Great White Ibis at Florida Keys Wild Bird Center
When birds ready to go back to the wild, they are often release gradually.   They have access to the support of the facility while getting use to leaving.  Some birds like it there so much that they stay.  I met a pelican who lives there even though he can leave any time he wants.  It is really an interesting place to visit.  Lots of good is done there for birds who are hit by cars, swallow fish hooks etc.  Their work is expensive so donations are appreciated and are used to help feed and shelter these birds.

Thanks to Harry Potter, the owl has had a resurgence in popularity.   Throughout history, the owl has received mixed reviews. The Greeks believed an owl flying over a battlefield meant victory, while in other cultures, owls were considered omens of death, prophets of doom.  In modern times among Western cultures the owl is associated with wisdom.  I tend to think of the owl as a symbol of wisdom and that is why I am drawn to it.

Owl focal is by Blueberribeads

I won the cute ceramic owl made by Blueberribeads.  I have taken my time using the bead because I wanted to do justice to it.  Also, I find purple very challenging to work with because there are so many different shades to this color.  It took me time to find beads, crystals, and silks just the right shades.
Owl Necklace available for purchase in Bay Moon Design Etsy store
Just recently I came across  an artisan purple lampwork bead that I used in the center. I used Blueberribead's large and very cute ceramic owl as the focal which I suspended from the lampwork. There are some flowers and leaves hanging from the owl to add to the nature motif. Lavender beads, green and purple crystals add lots of color and sparkle to the necklace.

The necklace has black and purple silk ribbons and large silver lobster clasp along the back. This gives the necklace a contemporary look.

Owl Necklace in fushia by Bay Moon Design
I have several owls by other artists in my jewelry.  I love this pink owl that paired with a fushia silk. 

Vintage Owl Bracelet available in Bay Moon Design Etsy store
I couldn't pass up this vintage German owl.  Orange brings out the gray of the owl and adds some pop to this bracelet.

Whimsical Owl Card available in Bay Moon Design Etsy store

I even feature owls on some of my handmade cards.

I don't remember where I found this owl, but I thought he was a hoot.   For more bird jewelry and cards, visit my online store.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lucy, My Quality Control Cat for AJE Earring Challenge

Siamese If You Please--My jewelry cat Lucy

Just about everyone is familiar with the Siamese cat and its antics. Whether from listening to the two ornery Siamese cats’ song in “The Lady and the Tramp,” watching the Siamese cat, D.C., help uncover the villains in Disney’s 1965 film, “That Darn Cat,” or reading the comic strip “Get Fuzzy,” The Siamese personality is well-known and unique.  Ever wonder who keeps me company in my "Jewelry Room" when I am working on my creations for this AJE Earring Challenge?  Lucy, one of my three Siamese cats,  keeps me company.  He is in charge of quality control.  You can see him all curled up fast at work on top of some of my beads and tools.

    Great Summer Earrings by Bay Moon Design

This pair of earrings has big donut ceramics by Marsha Neal Studio that are beige and off white in color. I paired the donuts with round jasper beads.  They dangle 2 inches below the top of the earwires and are light and comfortable to wear.  I think that they have a retro appearance to them. These earrings sold in a flash.

Long orange earrings with BoHo look available in  BayMoonDesign Etsy shop

These orange ceramics are by Work of Our Hands Namibia whose mission is to provide hope and dignity for the unemployed through the creation of cottage industries which produce handcrafted items. I paired the ceramics with natural betel nut beads and copper for a warm boho look.  

I would love to show you my "Jewelry Room"  however, it needs a lot of work before I post a photo of it.  I have made great improvements in the organization of the room, but I need to do much more.  It is hard to keep the room neat when I have cats who love to sleep on my work table and play with beads.  I have to keep my wire and treads hidden from them because they could be dangerous to their health and I love them too much for that!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

BayMoonDesign: A Beautiful Picasso is the Inspiration for July Ar...

BayMoonDesign: A Beautiful Picasso is the Inspiration for July Ar...: Blue Floral Bracele t is inspired by Portrait of Olga in the Armchair, 1917 by Picasso This elegant portrait of Picasso's wife,  d...

A Beautiful Picasso is the Inspiration for July Art Bead Challenge

Blue Floral Bracelet is inspired by Portrait of Olga in the Armchair, 1917 by Picasso
This elegant portrait of Picasso's wife,  dancer Olga Koklova is used as the inspiration for this month's Art Bead Scene Challenge.  The colors this month that I selected revolve around blue, green and golden yellows. 
(Please note this art is copyrighted and is to be used only as inspiration.)

The floral art bead that I decided to work with is in the center and is by Humblebeads. This is a blue bracelet by Bay Moon Design  and it is made with blue freshwater pearls, and beads of green leaves and yellow flowers.  The yellows and greens help to make the blues pop. Each headpin that holds a green leaf bead or flower bead is meticulously wire wrapped unto the bracelet with brass wire to bring out the yellows.  The bracelet is held together with a simple gold plated lobster clasp.

This months July Art Bead Scene inspiration and finding Humblebeads beautiful bracelet bar helped me to create this pretty summer bracelet.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Black and White Challenge

These black and white pearls earrings are available in Bay Moon Design Etsy Story

Black and White Challenge:

  Design a piece of jewelry that uses only black and white in the design.  That's it!  Easy!  Right!?!
It can be elaborate or minimalist but only in black and white.
Exceptions To The Rules:
1.  wire, metal or chain in silver, copper, brass, bronze, white or black can be used
2.  crystal or crystal AB color beads can also be used to ACCENT the piece
Black and white can give a very elegant and classic look especially when pearls are involved.  I combined petite white coin pearls with black swarovski crystals and black and white czech beads.  There is a dainty flat sterling silver bead at the bottom of the coin pearl.  Simple and lovely earrings for a special event like a summer wedding!
A special thanks to Sally Russick our hostess!  Please visit all of our participants and see what was inspired by this challenge.
Sally Russick
Monique Urquhart
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Veralynne Malone
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Kathy Lindemer
Paula Kramer
Lisa Johnson
Sandi Volpe
Donna Bradley
Karin Slaton
Jasvanti Patel
Stefanie Teufel
Liz Engriser
Christine Altmiller

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Marsha Neal Studio Leaf Ceramics for AJE Earring Challenge

Mint Leaf Earrings are available for purchase in Bay Moon Design Etsy Stop
I am always on the lookout for great artisan beads for the AJE Earring Challenge.  I loved these leaf ceramic as soon as I spotted them and so did Bead Trend magazine.  These mint leafs are featured in this month's issue of Bead Trend.  The ceramics are from Marsha Neal Studio.  I love the chocolate color that is in the ceramics.  I think that it goes well with antique copper which I also love.  I kept the design simple to show off the ceramics.  Often, simplicity is best.
Red Leaf Earrings are available for purchase in Bay Moon Design Etsy Stop

I used the same basic design  and Marsha Neal Studio ceramics in my second pair of earrings that I made for the AJE Earring Challenge.  I am getting my Etsy shop ready for the holiday season.  You can never start too soon.  I hope that these  chocolate brown and Christmas red ceramic earrings will be in demand.  I love the red and brown together.  Both colors are earthy looking.  I think that these earrings have a rustic appearance to them.

BayMoonDesign: Seasons Blog Hop

BayMoonDesign: Seasons Blog Hop: Seasons Blog Goodies sent to me by Lisa Lodge What is this hop about?   Participants received a packet of beads from Lisa Lodge's ...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Seasons Blog Hop

Seasons Blog Goodies sent to me by Lisa Lodge
What is this hop about?  Participants received a packet of beads from Lisa Lodge's bead table.  The idea was to take these and do one of two things:  1). Create jewelry that represents one of the four seasons of the year, or 2).  Create jewelry that represents a “season” in your life (e.g. college years, new motherhood, first love, etc).   As you can see my packet contained lots of silver and green.  

I knew before I saw my beads that my favorite season is summer.  I have a number of reasons why I love summer.  I love  water activities like swimming and boating.  I look forward to celebrating summer  holidays with family.   Grilled food and fruit deserts are among my favorites.   I love growing fresh vegetables to eat and flowers to pick.  My list goes on! 

Pastel Floral Necklace Available in Bay Moon Design Shop

This unique pastel flower necklace has pastel shades of pink, green, and yellow. The flower is an artisan glass piece in yellow and pink. The round beads are quartz. I used lots of the green seed beads in the mix to separate the quartz. The toggle is a pink quartz. This pastel floral necklace is inspired by beautiful summer flowers.

Lavender Bracelet
This bracelet has most of the silver flowers and floral clasp that were among the beads that I received.  I loved the bracelet and was sorry that it sold so quickly.

Pearl Necklace with Birds and Flowers

This pearl necklace with birds and flowers  is made up of pale lavender and pink pearls and floral and bird charms. This necklace has lots of interesting details. There is a sterling silver bird charm by Nina Designs suspended from a silver branch with a pale lavender flower with a swarovski crystal and another cluster of silver flowers from Lisa's beads.

Nature is the inspiration of this necklace. The necklace started with the silver branch. I then found the sterling silver bird charm.  Lisa's silver flowers were the final addition to the focal.   I located a butterfly clasp that continues the nature motif. I dug into my pearl collection for small, pale pearls to work with. All of the components of the necklace took me two years to collect. There is sometimes what I think of as a zen to a necklace. The pieces just come together over time!

Green Necklace with Blue Highlights and Copper Accents
This green necklace with blue highlights and copper accents features a beautiful green focal with blue highlights by Blu Mudd. The necklace has two strands of beads that are connected to an antique copper chain. It is held together with a copper oval clasp.

The blue wavy lines on the focal remind me of the waves in a stormy sea. The ceramic focal is attached to the first strand with some tiny ancient copper beads and one adventurine triangle shaped bead Lisa sent me. The first strand has large green triangle shaped beads.  The dark green round glass beads, blue Swarovski crystals, and clear round crystals are from Lisa.  I added some  tiny antique copper beads. I used Lisa's pale blue and clear crystals to give the necklace some more colors of a sea. The second strand has blue green chrysocolla turquoise ovals and more antique copperbeads. Both strands come together and join to a chain.  This necklace is inspired by the summer sea.

I still have lots of beads left to use in the future.  Thank you Lisa for such this wonderful collection to work with.  Visit Lisa and the other participants listed for a real treat.

Your Hostess: Lisa Lodge, Grateful Artist
Kathy Zeigler Lindemer, Bay Moon Design

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