Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Mushrooms and Toadstools as an Inspiration

 The Art Elements inspiration for November is Mushrooms/Toadstools. Initially I thought about bagging this challenge. I hasn't crazy about the theme.  I couldn't think of anything I had that would fit with the theme. I am resistant to buying anything new! I decided to change my negative attitude and dig through my stash of papers and beads.  I located the remainder of a sheet with mushrooms leftover from a prior project.  Yes!  I had made something with mushrooms awhile ago. I decided mushroom themed greeting cards were a possibility.

I decided to go through my stash of paper that I made with a gelli printing plate and see if any of the prints would work with the mushrooms. I used acrylic paints on card stock when I made the prints.

I found some paper that worked with the colors in the mushrooms.  I had some card stock that was a complimentary color.  I stamped "for a very special someone" on the front of both and added a tiny stamped mouse.  One is a thank you card and the other is a birthday card. 

The last mushroom had lots of reds in it so I pulled out this card stock with reds. It is surprising how well everything used works so well together.  It is also an indication of my stashed supplies.

I stamped  "A Very Special Day" on the front of this card and I used the same mouse and added a happy birthday on the inside of the card.  I am glad that I pulled these papers out.  I am very pleased with how all of the colors that I created with acrylic paints worked with the mushrooms.  

I have lots of handmade cards in my BayMoonDesign store. Many are inspired by nature as this set was.   These cards are headed to the Biggs Museum of American Arts in Dover, Delaware where I also sell my cards.