Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday-Terriffic Earrings with Help from Aunties Beads

Blue Globe earrings by Bay Moon Design

On Bead Table Wednesday,  I am showcasing earrings that I completed.   I decided to create some new earrings for my upcoming Fall jewelry shows.  I revisited the website of the very first jewelry supply company that I used --Aunties Beads.  When I first started making jewelry about 10 years ago, what drew me to Aunties Beads was their great website,  a variety of products, design center, great customer service, and quick and inexpensive shipping.  I had some jewelry components that I wanted to use and I was in need of some basic supplies and very specific items.  Their easy to use website with a variety of supplies really appealed to me.  I put together a shopping list, placed an order and went to work creating.

For these blue globe earrings I used Aunties Beads 22 gauge silver plated head pins and The head pins were easy to wire wrap onto chain.  Since I had 16 head pins to wire wrap this was important to me.  I added some of Aunties Beads 21 gauge silver filled earwires with 3 mm coil earwires that were simple and didn't steal the show from the blue blue globes and crystal.

Blue Anchor Earrings Available for Purchase by Bay Moon Design

I have some rectangular cultured sea glass that I have been wanting to add some charms to in order to create some earrings.  I have been anxious to see what Aunties Beads had in the way of charms and I am happy to report that they have a large selection.  I used silver TierraCast anchor charms that are 19 mm.  The secret to attacking the charms to the glass is using size 9 jump rings.  These blue anchor earrings were created with Aunties Beads 20 mm silver filled fancy earwires.  I needed some earwires with some size and I love the large curve in them. I love the way they look with the rectangular glass and curves of the anchor.

Honeybee Earrings by Bay Moon Design
For my next pair of rectangular cultured sea glass earrings with charms, I used Aunties Beads TierraCast gold pewter honey bee charms.  I added some yellow swarovski crystals to create heads and black swarovski crystals to create stingers.  I put them on head pins and wire wrapped them onto large jump rings.  The yellow rectangular glass is a perfect background.  Don't you agree?
Celtic Knot Earrings by Bay Moon Design
I carry a number of Celtic earrings on my website and I am always looking for attractive Celtic knots for this collection.  I found Aunties Beads had these Antique Brass Pewter Knot earring findings that are 19x23 mm.  I added some green 6 mm swarovski crystals and brass earwires to them and now I have another choice to offer for Celtic earrings.  These green earrings are perfect for Christmas and Saint Patrick's Day.

White coin pearl  earrings with blue swarovski crystals by Bay Moon Design
Speaking of swarovski crystals, I found a great color of blue in swarovski crystals on Aunties Beads website.  I used 12 mm white coin pearls with 4 mm Capri blue swarovski crystals.  The coin pearl earrings are suspended from earwires that I got from Aunties Beads.  These earrings will be perfect for some of my holiday shoppers. 

I am so glad I revisited by old friend Aunties Beads.  I got some great supplies for my earrings.  Don't you agree?
Graphic from

Saturday, August 23, 2014

"A Twice As Nice Holiday in July"

      Welcome to the Design Challenge Round Robin Design Challenge! 
                                              "A Twice As Nice Holiday in July" 
                                                     Hosted by Toltec Jewels

Way back in July,  this challenge was issued by Toltec Jewels.  We could create ONE or TWO designs inspired by either or both of the photos/colorways: Woodland Creatures and/or Sparkling Holiday.

For the design theme in general, we were asked to consider what is the greatest gift of your life? Or, think of creating a gift for someone you love or want to uplift.  Or, create for charity.
Our two inspirations:

Woodland Creatures Inspiration Photo and Colors

Before creating my owl and acorn necklace that is inspired by the "woodland creatures" picture, I took a look at the colors and selected green, teal, browns, and cream.  It was easy for me to pick a sweet woodland creature since I love owls. I was inspired by the greens in the woods. An acorn  and 2 green ceramic spacers that I had were brought to mind.   I love to use art beads and I selected 2 of my favorite artists -Moriah Betterly and  Marti's Buttons and Beads .  The teal owl that I used was made by Marti and the acorn and green ceramic spacers are by Moriah.  I love the teal in the owl and the acorn has shades of it in with the green glaze also.  I made the connector, clasp and links from brass.  I know that this necklace will put a smile on my daughter's face since she and I share in the love for the beautiful owl.  I am thankful that nature provides us with lots of  inspiration and joy.

Owl and acorn necklace by Bay Moon Design

I made a second necklace that is inspired by the "Sparkling Holiday" picture.  I selected to work with the gold, silver, and white colors in it.
I wanted to make a glitzy necklace of gold and silver with beauty and glamor for a holiday party. 

Sparkling Holiday Inspiration and Colors
I used silver, white, and gold pearls and lots of crystals. The clear crystals I used are in a variety of sizes from really large ones from Znetshows to tiny crystals.  Most of the crystals are clear except in the front of the necklace I used a few smokey colored with pyrite metal beads.  I used a variety of different shapes to add visual interest to the necklace.  It is a perfect holiday necklace for a special party.

Holiday Necklace by Bay Moon Design

With two photos, there will be two winning prizes (depending on votes, one artist may win both prizes). The designs with the most "LIKES" for each inspiration photo- colorway will win. The creator of each winning design receives a $25 gift certificate to Lima Beads.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday Focuses on My August ABS Challenge Earrings

Bead Table Wednesday is designed by Heather Powers to help share what is on our table today.  This Wednesday, I am sharing with you a pair of earrings that are inspired by the Art Bead Scene Challenge for August 2014.

The Indian Rug (or Red Slippers), 1942 
by Anne Redpath
The August Art Bead Challenge is a rug by Scottish artist Anne Redpath.  The vivid colors and flat patterning of this painting owe much to Matisse. The 'tipped-up' perspective reflects Redpath's admiration for early Italian painting. Redpath was fascinated by color and texture.

Red and Teal Earrings featuring Marsha Neal Studio Ceramics
I focused on the bright red and teal in the rug.  Marsha Neal Studio red ceramics are the perfect color paired with teal Irish waxed linen thread.  I love the texture that these ceramics and thread have.  They remind me of flowers and  the texture in the rug.  These red and teal earrings are available for purchase HERE.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We're All Ears-August Inspiration

Installation art of Gabriel Dawe
 Our inspiration for this month is installation art of Gabriel Dawe.

Do you remember doing those string art projects at summer camp? This installation art takes that idea to the extreme.  It is created with miles of sewing thread wound around hooks or nails on wood.  These airy textile sculptures transform a dull place into a living rainbow.  Our challenge was to pick the inspiration photo that inspires us from this website and to tell what inspires us about this amazing art installation.  

Blue Glass Globe Earrings by Bay Moon Design

I am inspired by the vertical lines in the installation and the royal blue color.  The lines in the installation brought to mind some hand blown glass globes that I had.  They have white lines that swirl around them and they are the beautiful blue found in a section of the art inspiration.  I added swarovski crystals because they have lots of lines in them also. My blue glass globe earrings have sterling silver earwires and are perfect for a formal ocassion.  They are available in my online store for purchase HERE.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday--Working with Metal

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Bead Table Wednesday is designed by Heather Powers to help share what is on our table today.   Today,  I am sharing some loops and connectors that I made.   I have been working with different metals and Cindy Wimmer's  book The Missing Link.     I would like to share some of my observations with you.

The Missing Link by Cindy Wimmer
I am moving slowly through  the book.  I have been experimenting making the same links with different metals and gauges.  I have also been purchasing more tools.  I am finding without adding to my tools, I am limited in the types of links. 
Blue Necklace by Bay Moon Design is available for purchase HERE
My first efforts at working my way through the book involved making links and a connector using silver. I used 22 gauge half hard sterling silver.   I found silver easy to work with and I love the look of it on my blue necklace.  I thought that I would replicate the same connector and links using brass for another necklace.
Brass clasp and metal links
I discovered that brass is much harder to bend than silver and copper.  Yes, Cindy did mention that in her book.  I probably will think twice before using brass again.  I have several cuts on my hands and after the first day of working with it, my hand was really sore.  I decided that I needed to limit the time each day that I worked with the brass.  As with lots of repetitive motions, I find limiting daily time doing them is smart. My hand tolerated a few links each day with little pain.   I am considering wearing gloves or at least being more careful to reduce the cuts!

22 gauge copper and 22 gauge brass

Next I moved on to copper.  I purchased some solid copper wire,  22 gauge half hard to use in making a bracelet. I found it really easy to use.  It bent easily.  I love the look of copper.

Sharpie pen
One really useful tool that I already had is a Sharpie pen.  Cindy refers to it in her book.  I used it to form the shape of the links and connectors that I made.   I have recently purchased a file and stepped pliers so I plan to attempt creating some new loops.  So stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday Devoted to the Dragonfly

Bead Table Wednesday is designed by Heather Powers to help share what is on our table today.   Today I am revealing a bracelet that I made with a ceramic from Moriah Betterly of Blu Mudd Design .  I purchased the ceramic several months ago.  I selected a dragonfly because I have found dragonflies to be popular motifs that people look to purchase.  Since I recently sold several ceramic bracelets, I thought this would be a good time to make a new one or two for my Etsy store.

Dragonfly (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons license of Wikimedia)

I did a little research to discover some of the symbolism of dragonflies.  I found that the dragonfly has different meanings when seen specifically in dreams.  Dreaming of a dragonfly is considered an indication of the approaching change in your life. If you dream of a dragonfly landing on you, you're likely to receive good news! On the other hand, dreaming of a dead dragonfly means you're likely to receive bad news. To dream of being attacked by a dragonfly means you've hurt someone's feelings.

Blue Dragonflty Bracelet Available for purchase from BayMoonDesign
This blue dragonfly bracelet has a beautiful ceramic bracelet bar that sits on top of the wrist. I love the look of this ceramic dragonfly as it rests on top of words.  The blue bracelet has white and pale blue button pearls as well as a few darker blue beads for contrast. I made the sterling silver connector which adds sparkle. I used a sterling silver dragonfly clasp. I think it turned out to be very pretty!  I love pearls and pale blues.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Carnival Blog Hop

Inspiration Photo for Summer Carnival Blog Hop from

Welcome to the Summer Carnival Blog Hop sponsored by Lisa Lodge!  I love the bright summery colors in the beads that I received.

Goodies sent to me by Lisa
All of the beads that I received to create with I recognized as from Znetshows.  Being one of their designers I am very familiar with their products.  I love working with their sea glass beads and crystals . One of their products that I love is their cultured glass double hole beads. They are perfect for creating bracelets.  I made a couple for this blog hop from the tangerine orange ones.

Orange and White Bracelet by Bay Moon Design
For my first orange sea glass beads bracelet I combined orange with white beads. I used some great 4 ply yellow Irish waxed linen thread with the beads.   I added a very cute orange heart dangle and some yellow and orange beads to the clasp. The bracelet has both the tribal and boho look that is so popular this summer.

Orange and turquoise sea glass bracelet by Bay Moon Design

For my second orange sea glass beads bracelet, I combined orange with turquoise beads and 4 ply turquoise Irish waxed linen thread.   I added some orange and turquoise star dangles to the clasp. 

I imagine my Summer Carnival being held by the sea so my carnival has a sailboat!  My final piece is a necklace that I made with a sailboat pendant made from layers of flecked stoneware clay by TheaElements.  The red white and blue in the sailboats is perfect with the white and blue sea glass beads. 
Sailboat necklace available for purchase from BayMoonDesign

The focal point is a beautiful handmade, artisan ceramic, sailboat pendant. This unique artisan necklace has chunky pieces of royal blue and clear white sea glass beads, powder blue gemstones, and bright red beads. Some unique, red star beads are used to highlight the sailboat. The necklace is 19 inches around and then focal hangs 2 inches.

Several features make this a unique artisan necklace. The ceramic sailboat is by the UK artist Lesley Watt of TheaElements. I made the sterling silver clasp and sterling silver connector for the sailboat focal.

I had a great time working with these summery beads.  Thank you Lisa for putting this blog hop together!  Please visit Lisa and all of the participants in this blog hop to see what everyone created.  We love to read your thoughts on our jewelry so feel free to leave comments.

Your hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist
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Friday, August 1, 2014


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