Sunday, June 27, 2021

Art Elements:: Lizards

                                                         Photo by Jelle de Gier on Unsplash

I hope these images inspire you! For this month's theme we are free to use any kind of lizard! Use any medium you feel inspired to showcase these sun loving characters. You can post your project on Instagram using the hashtag #aethemechallenge or #aeLizard and tag it with @art__elements (2 underscores between art and elements) and we will repost your images. You can also post it to the Art Elements Community Facebook page.

                                                       Photo by Vengadesh Sago on Unsplash

I have a lizard necklace in my BayMoonDesign store. The lizard was created by Brooke Bock and I love how the chain goes so well with it. Since I made the necklace awhile ago, I thought I should make something new for this challenge. 

                                                       Lizard Necklace by BayMoonDesign

This would be a good time to expand my stamp collection. I have always admired the gecko so I sought to find a gecko stamp. I usually use rubber stamps, but I found a wood carved gecko that I loved.

Gecko Card by BayMoonDesign

To make this handmade note card, I used high quality white card stock to stamp the gecko on. I applied a water based brown ink with a brayer to the carved wood stamp and stamped the image onto the card stock. Since this type of paper hasn't much give, I created a cushioned area out of recycled plastic mailing envelopes. After the stamped image dried, I cut it out. I love the fact that when the image is cut out, it stays in a circular pattern and can be elevated with dimensional foam. It gives the gecko a slight 3 dimensional effect. I selected some bright yellow and orange printed paper and layered it on orange card stock. I added some yellow ribbon to give the card some additional pop of color.

                                                         Gecko Blank Note Card by BayMoonDesign

For the next gecko card, I used the same process but the orange and yellow paper that I made by my using my jelli plate. I wanted to create some desert colors.

                                                 Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

Find a lizard that inspires you!