Friday, February 28, 2014

"Clean-up, Fix-up Challenge"

Many of us are extremely pleased to be joining Sharyl's Jewelry in the task of cleaning and reorganizing our work spaces.  I am a snowbird so I have 2 work spaces.  I am focusing on my winter work space in Key Largo, Florida.

I have a winter work space in a condo here in Key Largo, Florida
My work space is in our spare bedroom.  I have a small table by a window which in reality translates into my taking over the entire room.  I spread my beads over the floor and bed and work on a jewelry piece or two on the table.

My work table covered with my cat and projects

The guest bed taken over with my cat and beads

My cleaned up work area
Thank you Sharyl for helping me clean up my work space!  Please visit other designers and see how they did with this task.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Patina Compass Reveal and Giveaway

Vintaj Natural Brass Compass Compass Sent

Welcome to the Patina Blog Hop!  It's history began in December 2013 when I offered to  give away nine 26mm (.6mm thick), Arte Metal, Compass Decorivet with two posterior prongs.  It can be used to decorate any material by simply pushing the rivet ends into your material and folding over. Also, you can use needle nose pliers to turn the rivet points into loops for use in jewelry designs. Vintaj Arte Metal is a ferrite (iron) based metal. It is not antique plated and is nickel and lead-free. My hope was that everyone who joined this challenge would also be a member of Artisan Whimsy and have an active blog. I got nine folks up to the challenge and I am excited to see what they did with the compass that they were sent.  But first, let me show you what I did to my compass.

My Compass with rust, cinnabar, and clay colors

I decided to use "Rusted Hardware" collection of patinas by Ranger which includes rust, cinnabar, and clay colors.  I also put Vintaj glaze on it.  The next challenge for me was figuring out what to create with my compass now that I was happy with the patina.  I decided to make a bracelet because I had some hot pink leather from Nina Designs that I have been wanting to use.  I thought the pink would look great with the orange and yellow.  With that decided I needed to figure out how to make the compass into a bracelet focal.

Filigree used as base for Compass

I searched my stash for filigree that could serve as a base and located a piece that I thought would be perfect.  I tried soldering the compass to the compass and that was a failure.  They wouldn't combine together.  I ended creating loops with the 2 pins on each end of the compass and inserted wire through the loops. I then used the wire to attach the filigree to the compass.  With that done, the rest was easy.

Completed compass bracelet is available for purchase in BayMoonDesign Etsy store

I am pleased with how my bracelet turned out. 

Compass on the left prior to being buffed
In order to reward followers of my blog for leaving kind comments on my blog about this blog hop, I am giving away the completed compass on the right in the above photo.   I used  Vintaj "faded pickup" patina which has lapis, emerald and topaz colors on it.  To enter the giveaway you need to be a follower of my blog.  If you aren't, please join.  You also need to comment on this blog with your email address.  A winner will be announced on my March 3 blog.

Please visit all of the participants and see what they created.

Hostess:  Kathy Lindemer,  BayMoonDesign 

Jennifer LaVite, Dry Gulch Beads and Jewelry

Karia Morgan, Texas Pepper Jams

Carolyn Lawson, Carolyn's Creations

Shai Williams, Shaiha's Ramblings

Jessica Murray, Whimsical Monkey
Tammie Everly, TTE Designs

Kay Thomerson, KayzKreationz Blog

Claire Fabian, Saraccino

Christie Searle Murrow Charis Designs

Rosy Reds and Pinks Grab My Attention in the February Art Bead Scene Challenge

Rosy Red Necklace available in Bay Moon Design Etsy store
I created this rosy red necklace based on the geometric patterns, reds and pinks of Paul Klee's The Rose Garden.  In his painting of The Rose Garden, Klee broke down the scene into well-defined lines and painted with various patches of a single predominant color. The painting looks like a patchwork quilt, but with more dimension. In my necklace I have lots of rectangular lines which can be found in the pink crystals and silk ribbons.  The circles that are the roses are found in my round focal and round silver beads.  

There are so many beautiful colors in this painting, it was hard to decide what to use.  I decided to zero in on the range of reds and pinks.  White Clover Kiln's round pale pink ceramic serves as the focal which is held in place by pale pink seed beads.  The lovely, pink crystals from Znetshows are the perfect rectangular shape and color for the pink in the focal.  My daughter gifted me a broken rosy red pearl necklace several years ago that provided the rosy red pearls that went well with the silk ribbon that I had on hand.

Paul Klee's The Rose Garden is the Feb. ABS Challenge Piece
I think this is a stunning necklace that is perfect for a garden party--a rose garden party.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge: Bead Soup at Bay Moon Design

Starfish bracelet is available in Bay Moon Design Etsy store
There aren't any hard and fast rules for the Jewelry Making Mojo challenge this week - just use what is in your bead stash.
Latest bead stash on my design table

If you saw my blog yesterday you know I have a pile of beads on my table from Znetshows, Spring Surprise for which I am busy preparing.  I decided to take just 4 of the beads from this stash and make a beach themed starfish bracelet.  The oval seafoam green sea glass beads and oval blue sea glass beads on the far right side of my stash are used in this bracelet.   These beads have no holes in them so I had to do some real thinking about what to do with them.  I had the ceramic cuff made by Marti's Buttons n beads on Etsy  and I knew the colors were perfect for it.  I also had some denim Irish waxed linen thread that I got from White Clover Kiln .   I tried to use the ovals horizontally and vertically with 2 strands.  It wasn't until I used 4 strands that I has able to keep the beads in place.  It was a real stroke of luck that I had the white beads on hand because they really helped the design and the color worked.
Kathy snorkeling in the Florida Keys
I have to admit that I really am challenged to work on my bead stash when I have the waters of the Florida Keys calling to me.  Of course, on the flip side they are a wonderful inspiration.

Bead Table Wednesday Features a Peak at ZnetShows Plans for Spring Surprised Glossi Edition

Part of ZnetShows Spring Surprise
This Wednesday my bead table is overflowing with beads. I am thrilled to be a ZnetShows designer and have a chance to work with some of their new beads and be in their publications.  This Spring there will be a Glossi published called  “Spring Surprises” as designers did NOT get to pick their beads.  We were he focus this time around is on Crystals with a few other little bits.  There will only be about a dozen or so designers represented in the issue.

I want to thank ZnetShows for the mix that they sent me.  The photo above is only a small portion of what I received.  I admit that I am still overwhelmed by the large number of beads and a due date of March 3.  Just as I didn't photograph all of them, I won't be using all of the beads.

 I have started to make a small dent in the pile by beginning with the gorgeous lavender crystals on the upper, left in the photo.  That is all I am going to tell and show you about my plans. As of today, I do have a completed piece that I am happy with and plans for a few more.  Stop by my blog on March 3 to see what I have created. Mid March the Glossi will be released.

Patina Blog Hop with Giveaway

I also have a challenge going on also--Patina Blog Hop on Feb. 28.  Ten designers will be showing what they created with the same piece of metal and unlimited patina choices for it.  Please stop by and see what see what everyone came up with.  There will be a giveaway of a piece that I applied patina to and glossed.  Designers stop by for a chance to win it.

Thanks again to ZnetShows for the opportunity to be creative!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Winter Sparkle Blog Hop

Beads sent to me by Lisa Lodge for the challenge
The kit which was put together for the "Winter Sparkle" blog hop by Lisa Lodge arrived in late autumn so I had lots of time to use these beads.  The first thing I did was separate the beads into groups by their colors or types just for the heck of it.  I then used most of the pale green pearls and the round lime pieces as well as some of the seed beads in the bracelet below.  These beads worked really well with a ceramic that I just got from JeraLunaDesigns.

Sunburst Bracelet is available for purchase in my online store-- BayMoonDesign

This colorful sunburst bracelet has a handmade porcelain bar that sits on top of the wrist. This cuff style is all the rage. The handmade artisan cuff bracelet is made from porcelain clay and glazed in blue, pink, amber and green by JeraLunaDesigns. I added deep purple and green beads, glass pearls, and crystals to the 2 strands that are attached to the bar with green seed beads. I also used gold beads and clasp play on the yellow sun in the porcelain and to add warmth and sparkle. This cuff bracelet is inspired by the winter sun which puts a sparkle on all of the snow and ice that we have gotten this winter.

I used a couple of the pearls in a pair of earrings that are going to appear in Bead It Today magazine this spring so I can't show you the photo of them.  I will say that the charms that I used in the earrings came JeraLunaDesigns also and they are green.  I am very excited about the prospect of seeing these earrings in a beading magazine. 

Lots of Greens in the Keys

Green is a favorite color of mine.  I enjoys seeing all of the shades of green in the Keys.  These colors always provide inspiration.  The good news for me is that I still have lots of Lisa's green beads to use!  Lisa's soup of beads is always generous.  Please visit the folks participating in this blog hop and leave some kind words.

Your hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist

Melissa Trudinger, Bead Recipes

Kathy Zeigler Lindemer, Bay Moon Design

Eleanor Burian Moore, The Charmed Life 

Jo-Ann Woolverton, It's a Beadiful Creation

Chris Eisenberg, Wanderware

Carolyn Lawson, Carolyn's Creations

Janine Lucas, Esfera Travel Blog

Toltec  Jewels, Jewel School Friends

Christie Searle Murrow, Charis Designs Jewelry

Heather Richter, Desert Jewelry Designs

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Dolores Raml, CraftyD's Creations

Kim Dworak, Cianci Blue

Cassi Renee Paslick, Beads: Rolling Downhill

Annette Rivers, Mama Owl's Mess

Tammie Tusher Everly, TTE Designs

Crystal Thain, Here Bead Dragons

Norbel Marolla, She Flies Again Jewelry

Karen Burg, KEB Designs

Karen Grosset Grange, Ginkgo et Coquelicot

Jasvanti Patel, Jewels by Jasvanti

I have a challenge going on also--Patina Blog Hop on Feb. 28.  Ten designers will be showing what they created with the same piece of metal and unlimited patina choices for it.  Please stop by and see what see what everyone came up with.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

We're All Ears Inspiration Challenge

February's Earring Inspiration

A new challenge is underway.  On the first Friday of every month, the blog "Earrings everyday" will share an inspiration. It can be a photo, a painting, a textile, a place, a person or a song. Or maybe it will be a poem, a movie, interior decorating, or architecture. 
Then designers are invited to dip into our stash and create some earrings based on the inspiration and write a blog post about it. Designers can chose what to be inspired by - the colors, theme, subject, mood, etc. 
We all meet up on the 3rd Friday of the month, with a blog hop using InLinkz. 
Green Leaf Earrings are available in BayMoonDesign Etsy Shop

These green leaf earrings are inspired by the colors in the photo. I made them from natural brass sheets that I embossed with a leaf pattern. I then hand painted these unique earrings with blue and green patinas to mirror those shades in the photo. I combined the blue green with orange colored goldstone chips to give these earrings an earthy look and bring that color in from the photo. The photo and the earrings both remind me of spring which can't be far behind.

I am thankful that Heather Powers has a challenge going on to make and blog about a piece of jewelry completed each week.  These earrings are my weekly contribution to the Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge.

I also have a challenge going on also--Patina Blog Hop on Feb. 28.  Ten designers will be showing what they created with the same piece of metal and unlimited patina choices for it.  Please stop by and see what see what everyone came up with.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday at Bay Moon Design

Cobalt Blue Earrings by BayMoonDesign available on Etsy
Welcome to another Bead Table Wednesday!  I am pleased to report that I have a new pair of earrings on my table this week.  This new pair was challenging.  I went through several tries before I got the design right!  The placement of the hole in the ceramic was a challenge that I need to conquer because I knew I wanted to connect it to an eyepin with a bead on it.  I thought about using Irish waxed linen, silver jump rings, silver wire and a few other possibilities.  I finally decided to use some flat sided sterling silver wire that I have been hoarding.  I am pleased with the results.  I think that blue usually looks best with silver so that was an easy decision.   I also happened to have 2 of these cobalt blue vintage beads left from repurposing an old pair of clip on earrings from the 1950's.  I love how the cobalt blue beads accentuate the blue in Marsha Neal's gorgeous ceramics. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday at Bay Moon Design

Bay Moon Design Seahorse Earrings in progress

Each Wednesday I will show you what I am working on hence the name "Bead Table Wednesday" for this blog.  Only I am blogging on a Thursday this week--go figure.

See what I am working on each Wed.
On my bead table -I have seahorse earrings in progress.  I had to make some decisions about what components I would use in these earrings.  The above photo shows the components that made the cut.  I considered all sorts of beads to sit on top of seashell covered bead and decided on a simple spacer.  I figure with a seashell bead that pretty and the gorgeous bronze seahorse, not much more is needed.

Seahorse earring completed
On Wednesday, I had one earring completed.  Today I will finish the second and photograph them if the sun comes out.  Next step is to list them in my baymoondesign etsy shop.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Feb. First Fri. Sale to Celebrate My Latest Jewelry Patina Choice Influenced by Florida Keys

Seahorse Earrings by BayMoonDesign
I couldn't resist going back to the first colors of patinas that I bought.  After leaving the snow and ice of Delaware behind, I can't help but be influenced by the turquoise colors of the Keys.  My first experience with Ranger Patinas was with "Weathered".  I selected it because it had the colors of jade, verdigris, and moss and it is designed to give the look of aged copper.  The colors also remind me of the gorgeous water of the Florida Keys. It is a perfect choice for these seahorse earrings.  These  earrings are made from natural brass sheets that I embossed with a seahorse pattern before coming the Florida.  In Florida, I hand painted them with blue and green patinas to created turquoise earrings. They have a protective coating to keep the color vivid for years to come! I have hung them on gunmetal ear wires with a tiny turquoise bead to highlight the turquoise in the metal. I used gunmetal ear wires to accentuate the metal that shows through the patina.  I only brought 2 pairs to work on in Florida.  One I made for my daughter's birthday and the other I put in my Etsy shop.  I am thrilled to say that these earrings fly out of my Etsy shop!  I will have to make more when I return to Delaware.

With Boat and Kayak in Tow, We Leave the Snow Behind

Above you can see what I left behind in Delaware.  What I contrast the Keys are!  No wonder I am enjoying the warm breezes and color of the Keys.

Blackwater Sound
I have always loved being around the water and in the water.  I guess that is why I find Lewes, Delaware and Key Largo, Florida perfect homes for me.  The Blackwater Sound is right outside our window and the water is always a pretty color of blue.

Pilings Being Repaired in Marina
Our marina usually has crystal clear water from the sound, but this month new pilings are being put in and the water is stirred up but still offers glimpses of blues and greens.  I am fascinated with the machines that are being used for this work.  The yellow rectangle attached to the crane is used to pound the pilings into the water.

Pilings Being Pulled Out of Water

The same crane pulls these huge pilings out of the water.

My mind wanders to what is under the water in ocean on the other side of our little home.  I am looking forward to going snorkeling in those waters very soon.  In the meantime I am creating scenes  from my mind on my metals with these patinas.

Focal of an Underwater Scene done by embossing natural brass and using patinas

To celebrate my success with embossing and coloring with patina, I am having a February First Friday Art Walk Sale in my Etsy shop.  Do your Valentine's shopping this weekend in my shop.  Pick up a whimsical card and gift of jewelry there.  When checking out use coupon code: AWEFFAW will take an extra 10% off your items from my shop from Friday, Feb. 7 to Sun, Feb. 9, 2014.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Manatee SIghting Inspires Cuff Bracelet

Fish Cuff available on my BayMoonDesign online store

If you are like me, you have a stash of beads that you have purchased with plans to use, but rarely a time frame in which to use them.  This fall I purchase a gorgeous stoneware cuff from MartisButtonsnBeads.  I was drawn to it because of the colors, the fish motif, and the fact that it is stoneware--a natural material.   I brought the cuff with me from Delaware to the Florida Keys were I am spending the winter.

Manatees love fresh water.  You can spot them after it rains.

All last winter here in the Keys I saw this sign and everyday I looked for manatees.  I never saw one.  I thought this must be a cruel joke.  Last winter it didn't rain much at all here while I was here.  This is usually the case because the winter is the dry season in the Florida Keys.  This winter there has been a lot of rain here.  Manatees love fresh water so I am guessing that is why I spotted one yesterday !  I was really excited to say the least.  In fact when I went kayaking this morning I spotted another.

Manatee hanging around in our marina

This manatee sighting inspired me to get the stoneware cuff out and make it into a bracelet.  It is now colorful fish bracelet.   The fish has a multicolored body of turquoise, red, and black and the cuff is made from brown stoneware clay. There are two matching red stoneware beads in this bracelet. Along with the red beads, I added black, turquoise, and a multicolored bead to the 2 strands that are attached to the bar. I also used gold beads and clasp play on the to add warmth and sparkle.  I think the manatee did a great job inspiring the bracelet!