Thursday, February 27, 2014

Patina Compass Reveal and Giveaway

Vintaj Natural Brass Compass Compass Sent

Welcome to the Patina Blog Hop!  It's history began in December 2013 when I offered to  give away nine 26mm (.6mm thick), Arte Metal, Compass Decorivet with two posterior prongs.  It can be used to decorate any material by simply pushing the rivet ends into your material and folding over. Also, you can use needle nose pliers to turn the rivet points into loops for use in jewelry designs. Vintaj Arte Metal is a ferrite (iron) based metal. It is not antique plated and is nickel and lead-free. My hope was that everyone who joined this challenge would also be a member of Artisan Whimsy and have an active blog. I got nine folks up to the challenge and I am excited to see what they did with the compass that they were sent.  But first, let me show you what I did to my compass.

My Compass with rust, cinnabar, and clay colors

I decided to use "Rusted Hardware" collection of patinas by Ranger which includes rust, cinnabar, and clay colors.  I also put Vintaj glaze on it.  The next challenge for me was figuring out what to create with my compass now that I was happy with the patina.  I decided to make a bracelet because I had some hot pink leather from Nina Designs that I have been wanting to use.  I thought the pink would look great with the orange and yellow.  With that decided I needed to figure out how to make the compass into a bracelet focal.

Filigree used as base for Compass

I searched my stash for filigree that could serve as a base and located a piece that I thought would be perfect.  I tried soldering the compass to the compass and that was a failure.  They wouldn't combine together.  I ended creating loops with the 2 pins on each end of the compass and inserted wire through the loops. I then used the wire to attach the filigree to the compass.  With that done, the rest was easy.

Completed compass bracelet is available for purchase in BayMoonDesign Etsy store

I am pleased with how my bracelet turned out. 

Compass on the left prior to being buffed
In order to reward followers of my blog for leaving kind comments on my blog about this blog hop, I am giving away the completed compass on the right in the above photo.   I used  Vintaj "faded pickup" patina which has lapis, emerald and topaz colors on it.  To enter the giveaway you need to be a follower of my blog.  If you aren't, please join.  You also need to comment on this blog with your email address.  A winner will be announced on my March 3 blog.

Please visit all of the participants and see what they created.

Hostess:  Kathy Lindemer,  BayMoonDesign 

Jennifer LaVite, Dry Gulch Beads and Jewelry

Karia Morgan, Texas Pepper Jams

Carolyn Lawson, Carolyn's Creations

Shai Williams, Shaiha's Ramblings

Jessica Murray, Whimsical Monkey
Tammie Everly, TTE Designs

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Claire Fabian, Saraccino

Christie Searle Murrow Charis Designs


  1. Beautiful! I was so interested to see what everyone would do with their compass rose.Thanks so much for having me as a participant. I really enjoyed this challenge.

  2. What a great challenge Kathy - your rusty patina bracelet looks like a warm summer sunset!

  3. Just gorgeous! I am really enjoying seeing how we can all start out with the same focal and end up with such different designs.

  4. Finally! I didn't crash my camera (even if I would have loved too) and just uploaded my blog entry. Thanks for letting me play along, I really had a lot of fun and just went a little bit over the top ^^

  5. Fun hop. Love what you did with the piece. I'm now following.

  6. Thank you Kathy for letting me participate! I really enjoyed my first try at patina! It is something I'm definitely going to experiment with more. I love what you made & the colors are fabulous! What kind of patina materials did you use? I've got a lot to learn. I'm now following you. or

    P.S. Finally was able to get my blog posted. My mother has been in the hospital, so I'm a day late, sorry about that!

  7. Thanks for a great opportunity to play with something new- my head didn't connect Friday with Feb 28th so posted a day late- off to hop now! Love you how layered the focal with the filigree and parlayed it into a bracelet! Christie

  8. What a great bracelet. I love the filigree as the background for the compass. I finally got my pictures reloaded and my blog post up tonight. Thanks again for letting me participate and for the second compass. One of these days I may actually find the first one. LOL I love the colors of patinas you used. I follow your blog, too so I can keep up with all your new designs/ideas.

  9. Hope my first comment comes through. I've been having issues with blogger. But I love your piece and thanks for letting me play along.

  10. As I've gone around organizing participants for The Color of Dreams, I saw Kathy's blog hop posts and cool compasses and thought "oh no, what did I miss?!" I wasn't online during December and the Holidays to discover this great hop -- so sorry, Kathy! I would have loved this challenge immensely since I have an abundant collection of Metal Me This patinas and love metal work... oh well. Lovely compass! You used colors so well together, and the filigree is a great idea! Very cool.

  11. Thanks for the fun blog hop Kathy, we enjoyed participating! Your "rusted" patina look is perfect with the pink!