Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday Features a Peak at ZnetShows Plans for Spring Surprised Glossi Edition

Part of ZnetShows Spring Surprise
This Wednesday my bead table is overflowing with beads. I am thrilled to be a ZnetShows designer and have a chance to work with some of their new beads and be in their publications.  This Spring there will be a Glossi published called  “Spring Surprises” as designers did NOT get to pick their beads.  We were he focus this time around is on Crystals with a few other little bits.  There will only be about a dozen or so designers represented in the issue.

I want to thank ZnetShows for the mix that they sent me.  The photo above is only a small portion of what I received.  I admit that I am still overwhelmed by the large number of beads and a due date of March 3.  Just as I didn't photograph all of them, I won't be using all of the beads.

 I have started to make a small dent in the pile by beginning with the gorgeous lavender crystals on the upper, left in the photo.  That is all I am going to tell and show you about my plans. As of today, I do have a completed piece that I am happy with and plans for a few more.  Stop by my blog on March 3 to see what I have created. Mid March the Glossi will be released.

Patina Blog Hop with Giveaway

I also have a challenge going on also--Patina Blog Hop on Feb. 28.  Ten designers will be showing what they created with the same piece of metal and unlimited patina choices for it.  Please stop by and see what see what everyone came up with.  There will be a giveaway of a piece that I applied patina to and glossed.  Designers stop by for a chance to win it.

Thanks again to ZnetShows for the opportunity to be creative!

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