Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tangerie Tango in Fashion and Jewelry

Turquoise Bird Bracelet by Bay Moon Design
My bead swap partner  Norma Turvey sent me 2 of cute metal birds.  We are partners in Lori Anderson's Lori Anderson latest bead swap. In my previous blog, I talked about how I came to design my first bird bracelet and hinted that a second bird bracelet was in the works.  For the second bird bracelet I used a different color pallet--orange.
Orange Bird Bracelet by Bay Moon Design

I love this year's hottest fashion color tangerine tango. I paired orange agate beads with round carnelian beads and orange swarovski bicone crystals to accentuate of the orange in the agate. These orange agate beads have hints of gray that I work well with the silver colored bird.  I also used a different shaped agate bead--oval.

Which bracelet do you prefer?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Birds Are an Inspiration

My bead swap partner  Norma Turvey sent me 2 of these cute metal birds.  We are partners in Lori Anderson's Lori Anderson latest bead swap.  Most of my jewelry is inspired by nature so I knew I would do something with them. The question was what?!  I thought long and hard and I decided that the bird is the perfect size for a bracelet.  The next question to be answered was how do I attach beads to this bird since there are no loop?  My first attempt to work around this challenge involved using 22 gauge sterling silver wire  to create loops.  The sterling just had a really bulky look to it that I didn't like.  The next plan was a winner.  I used beading wire and crimp beads to attach the bird.  The crimps are hidden by crimp bead covers.  I then decided to incorporate some round silver beads into the bracelet.  I always like to use silver and blue together.  I had these blue crazy lace agate beads with hints of gray that I thought would look good with silver.
Blue Crazy Lace Agate

Bracelet by Bay Moon Design
 What did I do with the second bird that Norma sent me?  To be continued...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Win a Set of Metal Stamps

Impress Art's professional quality metal stamps
Lori Anderson's blog Pretty Things has information on how you can win a set of ImpressArt's professional quality metal stamps. These letter stamps are precision-cut from carbon tool steel, hardened to last project after project. The side of each stamp is labeled with the letter for easy identification and orientation. All stamps have an oil-free finish to protect against rust. The winner will be announced April16 so you need to enter soon!
 If I win this set of stamps then I would be able to create a piece  of jewelry with letters that have a disguised message on it like this heart.  Can you figure out what is says?  If I win this stamp set you will read about it right here on my blog.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter to All!

Pink Floral Earrings by Bay Moon Design
My bead swap partner  Norma Turvey sent me some floral lampwork beads.  We are partners in Lori Anderson's Lori Anderson latest bead swp. These earrings are made with a beautiful pair of pink and blue rose bud flower lampwork beads that Norma sent.  I combined them with pink and green swarovski crystals and silver bead caps and earwires that I had in my bead collection to create these feminine and romantic looking earrings.  They will be perfect for the spring and summer.

 I am anxious to see what Norma creates from this are a black and white color pallette of beads that I sent her.  She told me that she was excited to get them.  I can't wait to see what she designs.
This coming week I hope to make a bracelet with a very cute bird that Norma sent.  Please stop by to see it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Bead Soup Swap!

Beads that Bay Moon Design  Mailed Today
Today marks the beginning of a new bead swap.  I really enjoyed the last one that Lori Anderson sponsored so,  I decided to participate in her new one.  I was fortunate to get into it.  Talent isn't as important as speed and being on the Intenet 24/7.  Thanks to my new iphone, I am now connected anywhere and anytime.  I managed to get into this swap while traveling from Delaware to the Florida Keys by car and plane.  Of course, this means that my Internet addiction is getting worse.

This bead swap differs from her past one in that it is not a blog hop.  I made it a personal goal of mine to blog about it and to improve my blog.  In Lori's last blog hop, I admired the labels on the beads that were included in the photos. I also noticed that a number of the photos were framed.  I decided that I would like to start enhancing my photos by using some of these photo editing techniques.  The above photo proves that I am meeting my goal.  I did a quick little google search for free photo editing software and selected fototrix.  I used the software to add the frame and text.

My bead swap partner is Norma Turvey .  Right now these beads plus another set yet to be revealed are traveling from Delaware to the state of Washington.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of hers.  I thought that while the beads are in the hands of the postal service I would let her see the green pallette of beads that she will have to work with.  The other half of the beads that I haven't revealed are a black and white color pallette.