Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tangerie Tango in Fashion and Jewelry

Turquoise Bird Bracelet by Bay Moon Design
My bead swap partner  Norma Turvey sent me 2 of cute metal birds.  We are partners in Lori Anderson's Lori Anderson latest bead swap. In my previous blog, I talked about how I came to design my first bird bracelet and hinted that a second bird bracelet was in the works.  For the second bird bracelet I used a different color pallet--orange.
Orange Bird Bracelet by Bay Moon Design

I love this year's hottest fashion color tangerine tango. I paired orange agate beads with round carnelian beads and orange swarovski bicone crystals to accentuate of the orange in the agate. These orange agate beads have hints of gray that I work well with the silver colored bird.  I also used a different shaped agate bead--oval.

Which bracelet do you prefer?


  1. I wear more blue so I'm drawn to blue, BUT, I like the unique orange beads. This style is lovely no matter what you do -- great work!