Monday, May 7, 2012

My Wedding Planning DIY Series: Wedding Colors

Happy I Do Day Card by Bay Moon Design

Planning for a wedding is a time to showcase your skills and talents.  My daughter is getting married in October 2012, and she wants  to use my skills and talents to help her with the save the date cards, wedding invitations, bridesmaids gifts, wedding decorations, and the list goes on.  She thinks I do a great job in those areas.  I am flattered and retired.   My warning to all who think they can take on some of the projects in this series is --you need time in addition to ability!

Before you can begin on any of these projects, it is essential to have your wedding colors selected.  You can't change your mind without much cost and loss of time so think a lot about what you like, the season, theme, mood etc.  There are many websites that can help.  The Knot is one that I would recommend.  Just type "wedding colors" in the search box and you will betaken to lots of webpages with great photos and  ideas.

What colors do you think my daughter selected for her fall wedding on the beach?

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