Sunday, June 30, 2013

Final Issue of Bead Trends Magazine Contain My Earrings

Mint Leaf Earrings by Bay Moon Design are published in this months Bead Trends
I am sorry to see Bead Trends magazine go the way of so many print publications these days.  Their final issue is July 2013.  This is a special magazine for me.  It was love at first sight.  I have been a subscriber since the first issue hit the stands.  I love the gorgeous photos and jewelry in each issue.   You can only imagine my excitement when I found out this winter that a pair of my earrings would appear in Bread Trends in July.  I was later notified that a necklace of mine would be in the October issue.  Sadly, the necklace will not appear in print.

These chocolate brown and mint ceramic earrings are featured in this months issue on page 56.  The ceramics are shaped like leaves and are earthy looking. They dangle 2 inches below the antique copper kidney earwires and are light and comfortable to wear. I think that they have a rustic appearance to them. The antique copper kidney earwires go great with the colors in the ceramics and give the earrings an edgy look. Simple, lovely, go with anything. The ceramics are made by Marsha Neal Studio.

Bay Moon Design earrings appear on page 56.

These earrings inspired me to create a matching pendant necklace which you see below.  Both pieces of jewelry are rustic.  I think you will agree that Marsha Neal Studio ceramics are eye catching that they don't need a complicated design to stand out.

Mint Leaf Pendant by Bay Moon Design
 I paired Marsha's ceramic with Nina Designs Leather.  If you haven't worked with Nina Designs deer hide leather, I think that you should.  It is so soft and pretty.  Lots of beautiful colors are available.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspired by June Art Bead Challenge

"Sky Meets Water Necklace" available for purchase in my Etsy Store
My necklace features a lavender and white rectangular focal by Blueberribeads. Blueberribeads works with porcelain, stoneware, earthenware and Raku clay, glass and copper in her studio in Great Britain. I selected her focal because of the lavender and gray colors that I used in my necklace.  Also, I like how the lines in the focal mirror the lines in the houses of "Jackknife Village".  "Jackknife Village" by Franklin Carmichael is a watercolor that the Art Bead Scene selected for this month's inspiration. 
Jackknife Village, 1926
Franklin Carmichael
Watercolor on Paper
(Please note this art is copyrighted and is to be used only as inspiration.)

As I was looking at "Jackknife Village"    I saw so many colors to choose from that it was a difficult decision, but I decided to keep the necklace nice and airy. with grays and lavenders.   I love that the tones in the watercolor are subtle, especially with the grays changing hues within the same area.  I decided to use silver and antiqued pewter as metals in the bracelet to tie in with the grays. I call my necklace "Sky Meets Water" because I used the colors of the sky and mountains and an element from the water--the seahorse clasp.

Stop by the Art Bead Scene on Flickr to see all of the jewelry inspired by this watercolor.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Patinaed Earrings for AJE Earring Challenge

Gorgeous water of the Florida Keys

I finally built up the courage to patina some brass filigree and I am happy with the results.  Gathering all of the materials was the hardest part.  Deciding which of the gorgeous Ranger Vintaj Patina Kits I would purchase was also a challenge.   I selected "Weathered" because it had the colors of jade, verdigris, and moss and it is designed to give the look of aged copper.  The colors remind me of the gorgeous water of the Florida Keys and I love copper.

If you aren't familiar with patinas that are opaque inks, specially formulated to adhere to metals.   The ink is fast drying and can be heat-set for added durability.

Materials that I used:
Weathered Patina 
Brass Filigreee pairs for earrings
Ranger 15-Inch-by-18-Inch non stick Craft Sheet
flat tipped paint brush
paper towel
heat tool
reliefing block
Vintaj Patina and Glaze Video Tutorial

Below you will see the 3 pairs of earrings that I made by blending the 3 inks.  I achieved 3 different colors.
Aqua Patinaed Earrings available for purchase on BayMoonDesign Etsy store
These romantic aqua earrings have silver earwires. I added more jade patina to raw brass.  The color of the earrings are inspired by the color of the ocean in the Florida Keyes. This color will add some pop to spring and summer fashions. I always think that filigree has a romantic look to it.

Green Patinaed Earrings available for purchase on BayMoonDesign Etsy store

These earrings show a heavier use of the verdigris color.  These boho brass filigree are hand patinaed in the lovely aged green.   I sanded them to bring up the brass.  I have hung them on gold colored ear wires. These earrings are all nickel and lead free. 

Green Earring

For these earrings I used more of the moss color.  These are BoHo brass filigree earrings for those who are looking for long dangles that are unique. They are very light on the ears even though they are long. They are hand patinaed in a lovely aged green. I have hung them on gold colored ear wires. These earrings are all nickel and lead free. The filigree portion of the earrings hangs 2 inches (5.1 cm.) in length.

 You can see how mixing the colors gives different results.   It is fun to experiment.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ZnetShows Mini Conch

ZnetShows surprised me with cute mini conch shells

Artisan Whimsy members that previously signed up for this 5x5 were invited to join in a huge Sea Glass Blog hop.  ZnetShows surprised me with a beautiful spectrum of mini conch shells to have fun with.   ZnetShows sells retail but mostly wholesale beads. They have a wide selection and great prices. There are pendants, beads, the usual and some unusual finds to be had. These conch shells
remind me of sea glass.

The size of these shells provide lots of design opportunities

 I was surprised at the size of the mini conch shells.  They are larger than a penny.  They are a wonderful size for earrings. 

Red mini conch shells paired with silver available for purchase at BayMoonDesign Etsy store

The mini conch shells are large enough to be used on their own for earrings.  I used 22 gauge, non tarnish silver wire and large sterling silver earwires.

Orange Mini Conch Shell Earrings available for purchase at BayMoonDesign Etsy store

The mini conch shells are also a good size to use with another bead to create a pair of long dangles.  I wire wrapped the orange mini conch shells with 22 gauge bronze wire and added yellow and orange lampwork beads to make a great pair of summer earrings.

Lavender Conch Shell
I love the color of the lavender conch shells.  Lavender is one of my favorite colors.  I paired the lavender with silver and added some beads from my stash.  Tiny purple and lilac beads are suspended on a silver chain attached to a headpin. 

Red, White, Blue Necklace available for purchase at BayMoonDesign Etsy store

These mini conch shells are also great for bracelets and necklaces.  Red, white, and blue are great colors for the summer.  We have Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.  All of these holidays are associated with our red, white, and blue flag.  This is a great patriotic looking necklace for any of those holidays.  I took a beautiful silver chain and a charm holder that I had on hand and added a white coin pearl, and 2 mini conch shells that I wire wrapped using the same method that I used for the red conch earrings.

Thank you ZnetShows for giving me the opportunity to use these mini conch shells in my designs.  I appreciate the opportunity.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Artisan Whimsy 5x5 Product Test Team Uses Znet Sea Glass

ZnetShows Beach Glass Beads that BayMoonDesign was sent
I was really lucky to have been selected to be in the Artisan Whimsy 5x5  Product Test Team for July because beach glass beads was the product.  I love sea glass and have a large stash of brown, green, and white sea glass I have collected on various beaches.  My BayMoonDesign store on Etsy has several necklaces that I made with some of my sea glass.  

ZNetshows graciously sent a group of members from Artisan Whimsey a 5 pack of beach glass beads to design with!  ZnetShows sells retail but mostly wholesale beads. They have a wide selection and great prices. There are pendants, beads, the usual and some unusual finds to be had. 

A focal that I made for my necklace

I needed a focal piece to begin.  I could have used one of the large pieces that I was sent but I wanted to add something with texture to the necklace.  I had been saving a piece of patterned white sea glass that I found for an occasion like this.  Since it had no hole drilled in it (big disadvantage of natural sea glass),   I had to wire wrap it with sterling silver. 

My First Attempt
I have to admit that the color of dark red through me off.   I rarely use red and I never worked with red sea glass before.  I considered using blue or white beads with the red.  White beads won in the end.  I had some white beads that look like shells and I got out my round sterling silver beads to use as spacers. Since I tend to make ocean themed jewelry, I had some seahorse clasps that I thought would help make the necklace even more beachy.   I took the necklace apart 3 times before I came up with a bead arrangement that suited me.    

Final Product

I love the wide variety of colors and shapes of beach glass beads that are available through ZnetShows.  The range of colors allows jewelry designers more flexibility.  What are the chances that you would find  red sea glass in nature?  Also, the shapes that are available like mini conch shells, triangles, spikes etc. are great to work with.  A huge advantage is the fact that the beach glass beads has wholes already drilled.
A great necklace for the 4th of July

Don't you agree that this necklace needs a bracelet and earrings.   I had another seahorse clasp on hand so that choice was a given.  I attached it to 7 inches of sterling silver chain and used some matching white shell beads and more of the red beach glass beads to create this bracelet.
Matching red and white bracelet

These mini Conch shells are slightly larger than a penny.

I considered using black Irish waxed thread and kidney shaped oxidized silver earwires.  I quickly ruled that out and came back to sterling silver.  I love how the silver looks paired to the dark red.

Materials used with Red Conch Shell Earrings

Matching Red Conch Earrings

Materials used to create some long pink sea glass earrings

It was love at first sight!  I love the color and shape of the rectangular beach glass beads.  Once again I paired the beach glass beads with silver.  I had these really cute sterling silver bubble charms in my bead stash.  Amazingly they fit on top of the pink glass perfectly.  I also had some sterling silver french earwires that I wanted to use because of their size. 

These pink seaglass earrings are my personal favorite.
 Pink Sea Glass Earrings Available for purchase in my BayMoonDesign Etsy store
I love how these earrings are all shinny and gorgeous with the large rectangular pink beach glass beads and sterling silver bubble charms layered on top. This pair hang on sterling silver french ear wires. These are stunning and fun earrings.  They scream summer and fun.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What do you love about SUMMER?

Summer Blog Hop is Sponsored by Toltec Jewels

What do you love about an element of summer? The  Summer Elements Blog Hop is devoted to that question! The members of the blog hop share and celebrates an element of summer.  It may be gardening advice, a quilt with a fireworks motif, a sand & sea necklace, your favorite apple pie recipe for the 4th of July, a waterfall design, diving photography, or a tutorial for creating bath salts or potpourri from the garden!

To celebrate my favorite season,  I put together a digital magazine which features my jewelry that I made especially with summer in mind.  My very favorite summer necklace is on the front cover.  I love it because it reminds me of the ocean.  I love swimming, snorkeling, boating, sunning.  All activities that center around the water.  In this magazine I  have included of my favorite coastal spots, some summer quotes and a fun poem by a favorite author.  Special foods are also part of my summer so you will find some luscious recipes.  This issue is about what inspires my summer creations. I hope you enjoy my digital magazine.  Thank you for looking through my digital magazine.   Please visit all of The Summer Elements Blog Hop Participants

A special thanks goes to Toltec Jewels for organizing this blog hop.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fun Summer Earrings for AJE Earring Challenge

Fun Heart Shaped Earrings Available for Purchase in BayMoonDesign on Etsy

The handmade artisan ceramics are made by Diane Hawkey. 
As soon as I saw these beads I knew they had to become earrings.  The heart earrings have handmade stripped and multicolored ceramics. They dangle 1 inches on gunmetal earwires.  Simple, fun, casual earrings!

Green Patina Earrings for Purchase at BayMoonDesign Etsy Shop
These are BoHo style brass earrings for those who are looking for filigree dangles that are unique. These ornate earrings are made with old tools from the i940's in the USA. I hand patinaed in a lovely aged green.  This is my first attempt at using patina on brass filigree.  I really enjoyed painting and sanding.  I am pleased I finally got everything together and watched a bunch of Vintaj tutorials.  I plan to do this again!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

It is Time to Vote on the Blu Mudd Design Challenge Round Two

Stormy Sea Necklace by Bay Moon Design

The Blu Mudd Design Challenge is to create a necklace using the Blu Mudd Pendant provided by Moriah Betterly.  The necklace that I created features her beautiful handmade artisan green focal with blue highlights. The necklace has two strands of beads that are connected to an antique copper chain. It is 20 inches (50.8 cm) around. It is held together with a copper oval clasp.

The blue wavy lines on the green focal remind me of the waves in a stormy sea. The ceramic focal is attached to the first strand with some tiny ancient copper beads and one adventurine triangle shaped bead. The first strand has large green triangle shaped beads and dark green round glass beads with blue Swarovski crystals, clear round crystals and tiny antique copper beads. I used pale blue and clear crystals to give the necklace some more colors of a stormy sea. The second strand has blue green chrysocolla turquoise ovals and more antique copperbeads. Both strands come together and join to a chain.
Please vote for a winner of this challenge  I would love to win the $50 gift certificate to Blu Mudd Design!
Voters will be able to vote for more than one design. They may not vote for the same design more than once though.

Voting will close at 11:59pm EST on June 14th.