Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fun Summer Earrings for AJE Earring Challenge

Fun Heart Shaped Earrings Available for Purchase in BayMoonDesign on Etsy

The handmade artisan ceramics are made by Diane Hawkey. 
As soon as I saw these beads I knew they had to become earrings.  The heart earrings have handmade stripped and multicolored ceramics. They dangle 1 inches on gunmetal earwires.  Simple, fun, casual earrings!

Green Patina Earrings for Purchase at BayMoonDesign Etsy Shop
These are BoHo style brass earrings for those who are looking for filigree dangles that are unique. These ornate earrings are made with old tools from the i940's in the USA. I hand patinaed in a lovely aged green.  This is my first attempt at using patina on brass filigree.  I really enjoyed painting and sanding.  I am pleased I finally got everything together and watched a bunch of Vintaj tutorials.  I plan to do this again!


  1. Beautiful designs, Kathy... thanks especially for the inspiration re: patina, as I received my first Vintaj patinas a few weeks ago, but haven't yet had the chance to create with them. Yours look fantastic!

  2. You did a great job with the patina! Both earrings sets would be fun to wear!

  3. oh wow ... good for you! I haven't gotten it together enough yet to do my own patinas. You did a great job!