DIY Wedding Series-The Bridal Veil

I want to share the results of the wedding with my readers and wish everyone a happy and healthy 2013.  I created a holiday card by using Shutterfly and a wedding photo to send to all of our friends and relatives.  As you can see, the weather co-operated and we had a beautiful and breezy late afternoon Fall wedding on our favorite beach.

I want to pass on another DIY tip.  This tip involves the wedding veil.   The bride, my daughter,  made her bridal veil.  She must have inherited some of my craftiness after all.  She has never been one to make crafts.  Two weeks before the wedding she decided to make her own cathedral length veil because she refused to pay $200 for one.   I was very nervous and skeptical about her undertaking. My greatest fear was being sucked into this project.  The project began on Friday night when she arrived home late Friday night with the tulle and necessary items.  I supplied a 25 year old circular cutter that I had on hand from my quilt making days.

Much to my delight and amazement the project ended Saturday morning when I woke up to a note on the microwave that said " the veil is done in 2 hours and 2 glasses of wine".  I slept through it all!  The veil was very pretty and cost about $35 in materials.  There are lots of websites that show you how to make a bridal veil.

Organza Pouches

I have another very simple project to help your veil lie perfectly on a windy day.  All you need to do is to take a few organza pouches that are readily available at a craft store like Michaels and fill them with pebbles or weights of some sort.   I used some decorative pebbles that came in a floral arrangement for ours.  Fill about 3 and assign the maid of honor the duty of arranging the veil and anchor it with the weighted organza pouches prior to taking the wedding vows.  The maid of honor will need to pick them back up prior to the bride walking down the isle.  During the rehearsal, we practiced this.  We were very glad we did this since the beach was very windy on the day of the wedding and we had a cathedral length veil to manage.
Happy Holidays!
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