DIY Wedding Series-The Colors

Thistle Plant
What colors do you think my daughter selected for her fall wedding on the beach?  I like to select colors by looking at Mother Nature.  This is a great time of the year to look around at all of the color combination found in flowers and vegetables.  Lavender and green is one of Mother Nature's favorites.  My daughter Christina has always liked purple.  She had a purple bedroom, lilac prom gown, lavender 18th birthday cake and now a lavender and green wedding colors.
Christina's 18th Birthday Cake

I have to confess Christina selected the colors for the cake.  I selected the photo. A good chuckle was had by all at the birthday party.

roundlobe hepatica plant
You might think that everything is smooth sailing now that we have the wedding colors selected.  No!  Now,  look at the different shades that Mother Nature has for just these 2 colors.  It is important to collect swatches of materials and preview samples of paper stock etc. to make sure that what you are using is exactly what you envisioned and nothing clashes.  Sometimes purple with a blue hue  doesn't work well next to a purple with a red tint in it.  Nothing is easy in wedding planning!

The next blog will show we worked the wedding colors into the save the date cards.

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