Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bead Table Wednesday at Bay Moon Design

Bay Moon Design Seahorse Earrings in progress

Each Wednesday I will show you what I am working on hence the name "Bead Table Wednesday" for this blog.  Only I am blogging on a Thursday this week--go figure.

See what I am working on each Wed.
On my bead table -I have seahorse earrings in progress.  I had to make some decisions about what components I would use in these earrings.  The above photo shows the components that made the cut.  I considered all sorts of beads to sit on top of seashell covered bead and decided on a simple spacer.  I figure with a seashell bead that pretty and the gorgeous bronze seahorse, not much more is needed.

Seahorse earring completed
On Wednesday, I had one earring completed.  Today I will finish the second and photograph them if the sun comes out.  Next step is to list them in my baymoondesign etsy shop.

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  1. looks like my bead table .... I have a lot of single earrings that need a match! I love your seahorse theme - very sweet and a touch of beach. Which is so needed about now!