Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rosy Reds and Pinks Grab My Attention in the February Art Bead Scene Challenge

Rosy Red Necklace available in Bay Moon Design Etsy store
I created this rosy red necklace based on the geometric patterns, reds and pinks of Paul Klee's The Rose Garden.  In his painting of The Rose Garden, Klee broke down the scene into well-defined lines and painted with various patches of a single predominant color. The painting looks like a patchwork quilt, but with more dimension. In my necklace I have lots of rectangular lines which can be found in the pink crystals and silk ribbons.  The circles that are the roses are found in my round focal and round silver beads.  

There are so many beautiful colors in this painting, it was hard to decide what to use.  I decided to zero in on the range of reds and pinks.  White Clover Kiln's round pale pink ceramic serves as the focal which is held in place by pale pink seed beads.  The lovely, pink crystals from Znetshows are the perfect rectangular shape and color for the pink in the focal.  My daughter gifted me a broken rosy red pearl necklace several years ago that provided the rosy red pearls that went well with the silk ribbon that I had on hand.

Paul Klee's The Rose Garden is the Feb. ABS Challenge Piece
I think this is a stunning necklace that is perfect for a garden party--a rose garden party.


  1. Love the gentle flow of reds and pinks, Kathy :) A beautiful creation!

  2. I am so not a red/pink person but I just love the flow of colors starting with the pinks. Definitely a home run.

  3. beautiful, Kathy!

    This was such a pretty colorway. I submitted earrings, but they didn't consider my handcrafted chainmaille components as "art beads" -- although a wire clasp or my patina metals would be... :( I disagree, but... I'll keep on with maille anyway!

    Your necklace is nurturing and lovely!