Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge: Bead Soup at Bay Moon Design

Starfish bracelet is available in Bay Moon Design Etsy store
There aren't any hard and fast rules for the Jewelry Making Mojo challenge this week - just use what is in your bead stash.
Latest bead stash on my design table

If you saw my blog yesterday you know I have a pile of beads on my table from Znetshows, Spring Surprise for which I am busy preparing.  I decided to take just 4 of the beads from this stash and make a beach themed starfish bracelet.  The oval seafoam green sea glass beads and oval blue sea glass beads on the far right side of my stash are used in this bracelet.   These beads have no holes in them so I had to do some real thinking about what to do with them.  I had the ceramic cuff made by Marti's Buttons n beads on Etsy  and I knew the colors were perfect for it.  I also had some denim Irish waxed linen thread that I got from White Clover Kiln .   I tried to use the ovals horizontally and vertically with 2 strands.  It wasn't until I used 4 strands that I has able to keep the beads in place.  It was a real stroke of luck that I had the white beads on hand because they really helped the design and the color worked.
Kathy snorkeling in the Florida Keys
I have to admit that I really am challenged to work on my bead stash when I have the waters of the Florida Keys calling to me.  Of course, on the flip side they are a wonderful inspiration.


  1. How fantastic! Even I can be inspired by the fuschia and lime green in your photo! --Sharyl

  2. P.S. Love the bracelet you made!

  3. Yes, you hit the beach theme perfectly! Love that!

  4. Beautiful beads and a gorgeous piece! I need to get my post ready but that means I need to finish the piece!

  5. Love how you used the cord with your beads! The criss-crossed open links look way cool! Neat touch -- gorgeous bracelet. And I adore the inspiration of you snorkeling! Toally awesome, Kathy.

  6. I always enjoy reading about the artist's process because it develops a deep appreciation of all the work that went into each bead or component.Thanks for sharing your tips those tips are very useful for me.