Saturday, August 23, 2014

"A Twice As Nice Holiday in July"

      Welcome to the Design Challenge Round Robin Design Challenge! 
                                              "A Twice As Nice Holiday in July" 
                                                     Hosted by Toltec Jewels

Way back in July,  this challenge was issued by Toltec Jewels.  We could create ONE or TWO designs inspired by either or both of the photos/colorways: Woodland Creatures and/or Sparkling Holiday.

For the design theme in general, we were asked to consider what is the greatest gift of your life? Or, think of creating a gift for someone you love or want to uplift.  Or, create for charity.
Our two inspirations:

Woodland Creatures Inspiration Photo and Colors

Before creating my owl and acorn necklace that is inspired by the "woodland creatures" picture, I took a look at the colors and selected green, teal, browns, and cream.  It was easy for me to pick a sweet woodland creature since I love owls. I was inspired by the greens in the woods. An acorn  and 2 green ceramic spacers that I had were brought to mind.   I love to use art beads and I selected 2 of my favorite artists -Moriah Betterly and  Marti's Buttons and Beads .  The teal owl that I used was made by Marti and the acorn and green ceramic spacers are by Moriah.  I love the teal in the owl and the acorn has shades of it in with the green glaze also.  I made the connector, clasp and links from brass.  I know that this necklace will put a smile on my daughter's face since she and I share in the love for the beautiful owl.  I am thankful that nature provides us with lots of  inspiration and joy.

Owl and acorn necklace by Bay Moon Design

I made a second necklace that is inspired by the "Sparkling Holiday" picture.  I selected to work with the gold, silver, and white colors in it.
I wanted to make a glitzy necklace of gold and silver with beauty and glamor for a holiday party. 

Sparkling Holiday Inspiration and Colors
I used silver, white, and gold pearls and lots of crystals. The clear crystals I used are in a variety of sizes from really large ones from Znetshows to tiny crystals.  Most of the crystals are clear except in the front of the necklace I used a few smokey colored with pyrite metal beads.  I used a variety of different shapes to add visual interest to the necklace.  It is a perfect holiday necklace for a special party.

Holiday Necklace by Bay Moon Design

With two photos, there will be two winning prizes (depending on votes, one artist may win both prizes). The designs with the most "LIKES" for each inspiration photo- colorway will win. The creator of each winning design receives a $25 gift certificate to Lima Beads.


  1. These are gorgeous! I have been going back and forth between them and I can't decide which one I like the most.

  2. I just love the owl and acorn necklace. with those colors it would have fit in either challenge.

  3. So nice to read in what way you got inspired. The outcome is really pretty! You are right, you designed 2 beautiful necklaces, ready to wear during a party and the Holidays...