Friday, July 5, 2013

Seasons Blog Hop

Seasons Blog Goodies sent to me by Lisa Lodge
What is this hop about?  Participants received a packet of beads from Lisa Lodge's bead table.  The idea was to take these and do one of two things:  1). Create jewelry that represents one of the four seasons of the year, or 2).  Create jewelry that represents a “season” in your life (e.g. college years, new motherhood, first love, etc).   As you can see my packet contained lots of silver and green.  

I knew before I saw my beads that my favorite season is summer.  I have a number of reasons why I love summer.  I love  water activities like swimming and boating.  I look forward to celebrating summer  holidays with family.   Grilled food and fruit deserts are among my favorites.   I love growing fresh vegetables to eat and flowers to pick.  My list goes on! 

Pastel Floral Necklace Available in Bay Moon Design Shop

This unique pastel flower necklace has pastel shades of pink, green, and yellow. The flower is an artisan glass piece in yellow and pink. The round beads are quartz. I used lots of the green seed beads in the mix to separate the quartz. The toggle is a pink quartz. This pastel floral necklace is inspired by beautiful summer flowers.

Lavender Bracelet
This bracelet has most of the silver flowers and floral clasp that were among the beads that I received.  I loved the bracelet and was sorry that it sold so quickly.

Pearl Necklace with Birds and Flowers

This pearl necklace with birds and flowers  is made up of pale lavender and pink pearls and floral and bird charms. This necklace has lots of interesting details. There is a sterling silver bird charm by Nina Designs suspended from a silver branch with a pale lavender flower with a swarovski crystal and another cluster of silver flowers from Lisa's beads.

Nature is the inspiration of this necklace. The necklace started with the silver branch. I then found the sterling silver bird charm.  Lisa's silver flowers were the final addition to the focal.   I located a butterfly clasp that continues the nature motif. I dug into my pearl collection for small, pale pearls to work with. All of the components of the necklace took me two years to collect. There is sometimes what I think of as a zen to a necklace. The pieces just come together over time!

Green Necklace with Blue Highlights and Copper Accents
This green necklace with blue highlights and copper accents features a beautiful green focal with blue highlights by Blu Mudd. The necklace has two strands of beads that are connected to an antique copper chain. It is held together with a copper oval clasp.

The blue wavy lines on the focal remind me of the waves in a stormy sea. The ceramic focal is attached to the first strand with some tiny ancient copper beads and one adventurine triangle shaped bead Lisa sent me. The first strand has large green triangle shaped beads.  The dark green round glass beads, blue Swarovski crystals, and clear round crystals are from Lisa.  I added some  tiny antique copper beads. I used Lisa's pale blue and clear crystals to give the necklace some more colors of a sea. The second strand has blue green chrysocolla turquoise ovals and more antique copperbeads. Both strands come together and join to a chain.  This necklace is inspired by the summer sea.

I still have lots of beads left to use in the future.  Thank you Lisa for such this wonderful collection to work with.  Visit Lisa and the other participants listed for a real treat.

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  1. Your pastel creations are so light and summery, but I have to admit the vivid palette of your last necklace is me to a tee! Beautifully done!

  2. Wow, Kathy, you have been busy! Great pieces!

  3. Those are beautiful pieces. I especially like the last necklace -- a wonderful reminder of summer.

  4. You really created a pile of beauty from your bead soup! I'm with you, that blue bracelet is awesome, no wonder it sold quickly. Love all the pieces, all so different, and so very pretty. Great job!

  5. That flower focal is divine, and the necklace really says summer to me, too. Great use of your Lisa goodies!

  6. Your pieces are beautiful! I especially like the last necklace :-)

  7. Kathy - You always do such a great job! I love the pastel floral necklace, and the bracelet...I just love everything! Thanks so much for participating.

  8. Oh, my, beautiful pieces - all reminding me of summer and lovely sunny days!

  9. Such gorgeous gorgeous creations!!! :)

  10. All of your pieces are so different and so wonderful! I love the one with the pearls!

  11. Those are all so different stylistically. It's really neat to see all the ideas you had.

  12. Those are all so different stylistically. I love seeing all the ideas you had.

  13. Kathy, such pretty summer jewelry! You received a beautiful bead mix from Lisa, and definitely created zen with each work. I love how you describe your butterfly necklace coming together. It's so full of nature's beauty! And the green adventurine Blu Mudd necklace is superb! I love that piece! Your lavender bracelet is soft and lovely, femine yet substantial -- no surprise it sold so quickly. And last but not least, your Pastel Floral necklace set is gorgeous! Light and summery, sweet and romantic. The pretty green seed beads look beautiful throughout your garden of beads.

    Everything is simply beautiful! I so enjoy seeing your designs -- always!


  14. All your pieces are so different, but very summery. I really like the bottom necklace with the focal from Blu Mudd. I love her pieces and copper, so that one really calls to me. Congrats on getting so many pieces made.

  15. Wow Kathy! You've been a busy lady! Fabulous pieces! Your last necklace has a nautical feel to it. It reminds me of a windy day on the high seas. I love the bird & branch with accents as well. It's a very pretty necklace. Very delicate! :)

  16. What a wonderful collection of summery pieces! Love the copper and green necklace especially!

  17. Oh wow, I love it all ! But I have to say the last one would be my favorite. Copper and green tones goes so well together !

  18. Beautiful. And magical! Thanks for sharing!

  19. So many neat pieces, sure glad I don't have to pick a favorite.

  20. All of your pieces are lovely and remind me of summer!!

  21. Such beautiful work! Each looks so different yet so summery and fresh! It looks like you clearly are inspired by summer! :-)