Saturday, July 27, 2013

Owls in Jewelry and History

An owl rehabilitating at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center
While in the Florida Keys this winter, I had the opportunity to visit the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center.   Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release native and migratory wild birds that have been harmed or displaced, to provide or locate a humane shelter for those birds that cannot be released, and to educate the public toward the importance of coexistence with all wild bird species.  I spotted some beautiful owls like the one in this photo that were rehabilitating there.

Great White Ibis at Florida Keys Wild Bird Center
When birds ready to go back to the wild, they are often release gradually.   They have access to the support of the facility while getting use to leaving.  Some birds like it there so much that they stay.  I met a pelican who lives there even though he can leave any time he wants.  It is really an interesting place to visit.  Lots of good is done there for birds who are hit by cars, swallow fish hooks etc.  Their work is expensive so donations are appreciated and are used to help feed and shelter these birds.

Thanks to Harry Potter, the owl has had a resurgence in popularity.   Throughout history, the owl has received mixed reviews. The Greeks believed an owl flying over a battlefield meant victory, while in other cultures, owls were considered omens of death, prophets of doom.  In modern times among Western cultures the owl is associated with wisdom.  I tend to think of the owl as a symbol of wisdom and that is why I am drawn to it.

Owl focal is by Blueberribeads

I won the cute ceramic owl made by Blueberribeads.  I have taken my time using the bead because I wanted to do justice to it.  Also, I find purple very challenging to work with because there are so many different shades to this color.  It took me time to find beads, crystals, and silks just the right shades.
Owl Necklace available for purchase in Bay Moon Design Etsy store
Just recently I came across  an artisan purple lampwork bead that I used in the center. I used Blueberribead's large and very cute ceramic owl as the focal which I suspended from the lampwork. There are some flowers and leaves hanging from the owl to add to the nature motif. Lavender beads, green and purple crystals add lots of color and sparkle to the necklace.

The necklace has black and purple silk ribbons and large silver lobster clasp along the back. This gives the necklace a contemporary look.

Owl Necklace in fushia by Bay Moon Design
I have several owls by other artists in my jewelry.  I love this pink owl that paired with a fushia silk. 

Vintage Owl Bracelet available in Bay Moon Design Etsy store
I couldn't pass up this vintage German owl.  Orange brings out the gray of the owl and adds some pop to this bracelet.

Whimsical Owl Card available in Bay Moon Design Etsy store

I even feature owls on some of my handmade cards.

I don't remember where I found this owl, but I thought he was a hoot.   For more bird jewelry and cards, visit my online store.


  1. What a fantastic place to visit! Great inspiration!

    I love each of your designs, but especially the first ;) Your colour choices are perfect, definitely worth the wait! x

  2. I just love the owl focal! It has such a lighthearted feel that I don't usually get from owls. And your necklace does such a wonderful job of highlighting the feeling.