Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lucy, My Quality Control Cat for AJE Earring Challenge

Siamese If You Please--My jewelry cat Lucy

Just about everyone is familiar with the Siamese cat and its antics. Whether from listening to the two ornery Siamese cats’ song in “The Lady and the Tramp,” watching the Siamese cat, D.C., help uncover the villains in Disney’s 1965 film, “That Darn Cat,” or reading the comic strip “Get Fuzzy,” The Siamese personality is well-known and unique.  Ever wonder who keeps me company in my "Jewelry Room" when I am working on my creations for this AJE Earring Challenge?  Lucy, one of my three Siamese cats,  keeps me company.  He is in charge of quality control.  You can see him all curled up fast at work on top of some of my beads and tools.

    Great Summer Earrings by Bay Moon Design

This pair of earrings has big donut ceramics by Marsha Neal Studio that are beige and off white in color. I paired the donuts with round jasper beads.  They dangle 2 inches below the top of the earwires and are light and comfortable to wear.  I think that they have a retro appearance to them. These earrings sold in a flash.

Long orange earrings with BoHo look available in  BayMoonDesign Etsy shop

These orange ceramics are by Work of Our Hands Namibia whose mission is to provide hope and dignity for the unemployed through the creation of cottage industries which produce handcrafted items. I paired the ceramics with natural betel nut beads and copper for a warm boho look.  

I would love to show you my "Jewelry Room"  however, it needs a lot of work before I post a photo of it.  I have made great improvements in the organization of the room, but I need to do much more.  It is hard to keep the room neat when I have cats who love to sleep on my work table and play with beads.  I have to keep my wire and treads hidden from them because they could be dangerous to their health and I love them too much for that!

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  1. Wonderful designs with graceful flow, Kathy. I also have a couple of "studio helpers", one of whom is named Lucy. They are just rescue kitties from our local shelter, but have the same affinity for chasing and "rearranging" my beads LOL.