Saturday, August 4, 2012

A New Design for an Old Necklace

Gray Starfish Necklace by Bay Moon Design
This gray starfish necklace has a history.  It began with a necklace that I made when I first started making jewelry.  I was never happy with it.  I loved the freshwater blister pearls.  They are a high quality pearl with a hint of pink in them.  My mistake was in using  inexpensive Chinese crystals that I thought would add some sparkle to the necklace.  I also used a base metal clasp that was nothing special.  I thought these pearls deserved better!
Original Gray Pearl Necklace

Magpie Gemstones supplied me with some sparkling little pyrite faceted gemstones that enabled me to transform the first necklace that I made into something more sophisticated and interesting.
Pyrite Gemstones from Magpie Gemstones
These pyrite gemstones are tiny--about 3 mm.  They have sparkle and texture.  I decided to take the Chinese crystals out and replace with pyrite to add sparkle and some tiny pink peanut shaped beads to bring out the pink in the gray pearls.  I also upgraded the clasp with a pretty starfish made from pewter.  I feel like I have finally done justice to these pearls.  I thank Magpie Gemstones for supplying me with the pyrite gemstones that I used.  Right now they have a sale going on that includes these same pyrite gemstones.