Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bead Fest Phiiladelphia 2012 Great Fun!

Bead Fest Philadelphia 2012
Friday,  I attended Bead Fest Philadelphia 2012 for 3 hours and learned some new techniques, saw some new products.  I picked up some products that were new to be.  They included 3 gorgeous shades of Parawire and Glider's Paste at Kabela Design. I can't wait to try them out. I also bought some wonderful enamel and ceramic pieces.  I was able to do all of my shopping in 3 hours because I didn't look at any of the gemstone beads and there were tons of them.  I have a huge stash of beads at home so I went with a list of colors and types of art beads that I need to use with specific pieces that I am working on.   I also went with a posted note of studios that I wanted to visit.   

I did my homework ahead of time and looked at the websites for the vendors before I left and made a list of my interests with booth number.  Next time I will print a map of the vendor locations!  
7D Studio

One of my first stops was 7D Studio.   I thanked them for sending me a  pass to get into the Fest.  That saved me $12 which I spent plus more there.  That pass really pushed me over the fence to go.  A wicked 2 1/2 hour drive there and $12 admission to spend more money is not something I enter into lightly.  So thank you once again Studio 7!

While at 7D Studio I checked out Marsha Neal Studio ceramics.  They are even prettier in person than online or pictured in bead magazines.  A really benefit of going to the Fest is the ability to touch and see the beautiful things there. 

I visited  Suburban Girl Studio and bought some really cute ocean themed beads.  Living by the ocean I couldn't resist.  I added to my owl collection at  White Clover Kiln .  
White Clover Kiln owl used in necklace by Bay Moon Design

 These 3 studios are part of the 5 Beads of Clay Professional Artists that were at the beads fest.  All of them have fabulous creations that I can't wait to incorporate into my jewelry.

Stop by my blog next Sat. Aug 25 to see what I created as part of Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party.  Also, make sure you enter my giveaway.  You might win some of Marsha Neal's silk ribbons.  Of course these silks will be the "Down by the River" palette that I submitted for her challenge.  Anyone who comments on my blog can earn 1 entry to a drawing for this palette of browns and greens.  Following my blog earns another entry. A third entry can be made by posting a comment with a link to a social media site like twitter,  or like me on facebook etc.

Palette Created by Bay Moon Design
A winner will be announced September 30. I am keeping the contest open until then to give all the bloggers who are in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party a chance to enter when they read my blog about my beads and design.  I will be blogging on August 25 about what I created and my partner Hannah Annear will be blogging about what she designs using what I sent her.


  1. Thanks for sharing your Bead Fest adventure. Love your pics.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for grabbing up some of my work from D7 Studio (Darlene has some of the prettiest things doesn't she?).

    Oh, and make sure to link up your blog post to the Beads of Clay blog post to see about winning more BOCPAT beads!