Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pay It Forward Giveaway and My February Art Bead Scene Entry

Long Red Necklace is available in Bay Moon Design Etsy Shop
This earthy, long red necklace is 26 inches (66 cm) long not including the focal which hangs 1" long. The necklace black and taupe ceramic beads  by Marsha Neal Studio and ceramic focal by PajegoArtHouse. The focal is an ancient pathway ceramic made out of earthenware ceramic clay which has been stamped on the top and glazed on all sides. I also used an eclectic mix of gray, taupe, and red beads many of which are wood.  I included  carnelian beads which have a lovely reddish brown color. They are are strung and knotted on Irish waxed linen thread in a matching rust color.  I recently won this Irish Waxed Linen from Rebecca Anderson .  The thread just happened to match the oriental focal in color perfectly.  A lovely bronze chain and clasp make all the colors pop. It  also gives an earthy feel and rustic look.
Artwork is Heijinja by Toshi Yoshi and Color Palette is by

The necklace is inspired this month's Art Bead Scene Blog Challenge  artwork, Heijinja by Toshi Yoshida.  I must admit that I was really put off at first.  Red isn't one of my favorite colors to work with.  In fact, I have very few red beads.  It wasn't until I looked at this color palette by Brandi Hussey that I started to form some ideas.  I went through my gray, taupe, and rust colored beads to select what I might use.  When I  spotted the gorgeous oriental focal by PajegoArtHouse , I knew I had to get that as the focal.  Having the color palette by Brandi Hussey along with the artwork inspired this necklace.

I also won a pay it forward give away, on Norma Turvey's blog.  As far as I have been able to determine this pay it forward began with  Rebecca Anderson's PIF give away.   Now its my turn.  It is very easy to take part, just leave a comment on this post, with a way for me to contact you if you win. You also must be willing to in turn host a PIF give away on your blog.  The first three people who leave a comment will win a small hand made goody from me-- easy peasy!

 It doesn’t have to be beads or jewellery that you give; so long as it’s handmade and something you’d be happy to receive yourself, that will do.   

Please make sure that you leave a contact email address with your comment.  If I can’t contact you, I can’t count you in.  The competition will close in a week’s time (February 24).  I’ll then contact the winners to get your addresses and check a few basic details – metal allergies, color phobias, that sort of thing.  You’ll then be scheduled to receive something lovely sometime in the next year. To make things more interesting, your mystery gift will come at an undisclosed time some time with in the next 365 days ! good luck! 

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  1. What a lovely necklace for the challenge. I tried the PIF once before, but no-one signed up on my blog. I'd love to try it again. Thanks for the opportunity. My e-mail is in my blog profile.