Saturday, February 2, 2013

AJE Earring Reveal 2

This is the  2nd reveal of the Earring Challenge sponsored by the The Art Jewelry Elements team. AJE is sponsoring a year-long Earring Challenge in 2013. They are challenging artisans to create one pair of earrings a week.  All earring designs have to feature at least one artisan component, such as a handmade charm or bead.  For this reveal I created crescent moon earrings in a beautiful blue green color.   They are also made with artisan ceramics by Marsha Neal Studio.  They dangle 2 inches below the gold chain are light and comfortable to wear. I think that they have an earthy appearance to them. Simple, lovely, casual earrings!

I love the line curls in the ceramic. They add rich detail. Also, the blue green glaze that was used in them reminds me of water. I love to use materials that remind me of elements from nature. These earrings have two elements from nature --the moon and water.


My earrings will be featured in a magazine!
I am excited to say that I have removed the photo of my second pair of earrings and replaced it with a photo of some magazines because I just found out that the earrings were selected by a major beading magazine for the July 2013 issue.  SO HAPPY!  All I will say about these earrings is that they also have components made in by the Marsha Neal Studio.

For the next reveal on Feb. 9 I plan using  components from D7 Studio for one pair and components from Suburban Girl Studio for the second pair of earrings. Stop by then to see if I meet the challenge for 2 more pairs of earrings by then.

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  1. Oh Kathy! Congrats on getting your design published! I am so delighted that you are enjoying working with my ceramic components. Love your designs!!!

    Happy First Friday!

  2. Congratulations! That's really exciting on the publication!

  3. Beautiful design show casing Marsha's beautiful beads!