Saturday, August 27, 2011

Inspired by the Sea and Irene

Inspired by the Sea and Irene
After preparing my home for hurricane Irene, I used my time to create this necklace.  With all of our focus on Irene and my goal of making a weekly contribution Humblebeads'  new challenge,  my thoughts turned toward the sea.   The greens and browns that I seleced remind me of a stormy, churned up sea--just as I picture Irene as she heads up the east coast. The necklace contains elements of the sea such as a variety of pearls, a star fish and shell. There is a special green bead that is I made from paper wrapped with gold and green threads. One again I am thankful to my cousin Sandy for her Sewing by the Sea retreat for the class on making beads from fabric and paper. 

 I love to use pearls because they are classic and are from nature.   I usually include pearls in my creations.  I have had these gorgeous green blister pearls stashed away for almost a year.  I finally decided I had a design worthy of them.   Jasper is another favorite of mine. It is a nurturing stone.  We can all use some extra comfort as we wait to see the impact of Irene.   I combined these green jasper with antique brass filigree.  The colors compliment one another.  I love all of the different textures that this variety of beads, metal, paper and thread create  in this necklace. 

The focal is made up of one of Heather's beads--the polymer clay star fish.  I have had that bead stashed away for a few years waiting for the right necklace.  I combined it with some new filigree and an antique shell charm that was waiting for the right occasion . 

Good luck to all on the east coast.  I am hoping we will be spared major damage and loss of electric.  One piece of luck at my house is that our cupola already blew off and smashed apart on our driveway during our last major storm.  Procrastination pays.  We haven't replaced it yet.  No worries there!

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