Sunday, October 30, 2011

Inspired by the Nature's Historic October Storm

Storm Brings Driftwood
Saturday we had a historic storm in the northeast.  Many areas had an early snowfall and lots of people lost power.  In balmy Lewes, Delaware, we were spared cold temperatures and snow.  We did have lots of rain, wind, and flooding. With the this storm unusually high and low tides came and went.  Today, the sun shines and the beaches have lots of driftwood.  Driftwood is the inspiration for  this crocheted necklace.
Driftwood Inspired Necklace by Bay Moon Design

I love to make crocheted necklaces.  I've been crocheting for decades now and I find it very calming.  This beautiful necklace is 19 inches (25.4 mm) in length and crocheted with copper artistic wire. The amber chips are crocheted on artistic wire and held together by a copper clasp. The focal is made from a piece of wood that has a tiny hole in the center. I was able to use this hole to add some amber chips to this unique focal.

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