Friday, November 21, 2014

Celebrating the Florida Keys with Starfish Bracelets

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Since I live by the Delaware Bay in the summer and the Florida Keys in the winter, I am partial to all things related to the beach.  I often use starfish in my designs.  This summer I had two starfish ceramic cuffs custom made by .  I have used her ceramics before and love them.   She is now selling on a great new place to shop for handmade artisan beads--Artisan Component Marketplace.  This is a welcome addition to the marketplace for those who sell and buy artisan beads.  This past summer Marti and I emailed back and forth about the design and colors. She sent me photos of the ceramics throughout the process.  The work that goes into making ceramics is amazing!

Image from GraphicStock.com

After watching the news reports of early and large snowfalls and advertisements for the Florida Keys, my thoughts turned to these ceramic starfish.   I had planned to make these bracelets in Florida, but decided now is the time.  I had the beads already so I was all set.  I planned to use beads that I got from House of Gems.  I selected some wooden beads from their selection of naturals beads.   I felt that wood beads would help me create a casual and bohemian look.  I had decided that I wanted to incorporate some Irish linen thread I had so I wanted to use beads with holes large enough to accommodate the thread.   The wooden beads from the House of Gems fit that need.  I selected the colors that would work with those 2 ceramics-- light yellow color wood beads, turquoise wood beads, and orange wood beads.  I also picked out some copper twisted spacer beads twisted copper beads from their metal beads section.  I thought that copper would add a bit more orange color and some shine to the turquoise bracelet.

Orange Starfish Bracelet and Turquoise Starfish Bracelet by BayMoonDesign
You can see that these 3 different shapes and colors of wood beads plus the copper worked well the different colors in the starfish cuff.  Both the orange bracelet and the turquoise bracelet are available in my BayMoonDesign shop for purchase.   I would love to have you comment on which bracelet is your favorite and why?

Next week, I am leaving for the Florida Keys!  I am getting excited to see the gorgeous water there and do some snorkeling and standup paddle boarding.  Stay tuned for those adventures!

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