Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dec. Art Bead Scene Challenge Inspires a Celtic Component and Brown Jasper Necklace

Color Palette by Brandi Hussey for "Choir of Sint-Bavokerk, Haarlem by Jan Saenredam

December's ABS Challenge piece is "Choir of Sint-Bavokerk, Haarlem" by Jan Saenredam.  Out of all of the challenge palettes we've had this year, this one was very different in that it had very subdued colors.  I decided to work with several shades of brown in the picture.  I selected the a shade of gold (from the hanging lantern) and a tiny bit of green.

Celtic Component Made by BayMoonDesign
I made my own focal component for this challenge .  The lines and arches of the church remind me of Celtic designs and because of that I embossed and patinated a Celtic design on natural brass.  I used some gold and reddish brown patina on the component.  When I was finished I put a sealant on the Celtic component.  I decided to attach a copper filigree to it.
Brown Jasper Necklace by BayMoonDesign
Once I had my focal,  I went about creating a 2 strand brown jasper necklace for this challenge.  I used some oval jasper beads which have different shades of brown, tan, black and even a hint of green.  I wanted to mix metals so I added natural brass chain, copper beads, and copper clasp.  I also used some round jasper beads and green and reddish brown Czech glass beads.  I am really happy with how this 2 strand necklace on a chain turned out. 

What are your thoughts on my interpretation of this month's art piece?


  1. Oh, it's lovely Kathy! I love the way you colored the piece and picked up some of the subtle hues within the picture. And, your copper filigree seems to echo the raised ceiling of the structure. Well done!

  2. Oh this is beautiful! I have to admit that this month's inspiration has me stumped.

  3. I love your interpretation. Thanks for inspiring me and showing that we don't have to be so literal in these challenges. It's great to see how you chose the more subtle colours and shapes in your piece.

  4. You did a great job of drawing on the more subdued shades in the inspiration. I like the way you took the architectural lines and made your own interpretation. I can see the arches in your focal.

  5. I love how it looks "substantial," just like the cathedral, it's here to stay! Great focal and just loved all those stones with it! Great entry, Kathy!