Saturday, January 17, 2015

January Art Bead Scene Challenge Met With Marsha Neal and Work of Our Hands Ceramics

Imagine Tomorrow by Hundertwasserand palette by Brandi Hussey
This month, we're working with this vibrant piece Imagine Tomorrow by Hundertwasser. I love bright colors, but especially during winter when nature's colors are muted. This month, we've got a very bright color palette .  Just about all the colors of the rainbow are represented here in fully saturated hues.   I followed the color proportions faithfully, by using a lot of orange - yellow orange, true orange, red-orange and yellow.

Purple bullseye ceramic by Marsha Neal and round orange and yellow ceramic by Work of Our Hands
 I also added purple because I wanted to use a large purple bullseye ceramic by Marsha Neal.  The ceramic is a great color and the shape mirrors the circular design in the poster.  To complete the focal, I added an orange and yellow ceramic by Work of Our Hands.

Multicolored Necklace is available for purchase HERE
I decided to use brass when I connected the 2 ceramic beads to the multicolored necklace because I had yellow in the necklace.  I also created a large sun shaped clasp from brass so that the shape of the clap would mirror the shape of the purple ceramic.

Brass sun clasp by BayMoonDesign

While I was making the clasp for this necklace,  I made 2 medium sized ones to add to the components section of my shop. 

medium size sun clasp by BayMoonDesign available for purchase HERE
 My goal this year is to use  more of my handmade findings in my pieces and to add handmade components to my shop.  So far I am on track with that!  I just added 2 medium sized sun clasps for sale.

Vibrant Colors of Winter in Key Largo, Florida
I have lots of vibrant colors around me for inspiration.  How do you like these colors that I found this winter in Key Largo, Florida? 


  1. I love this necklace! The focal is perfect, and I love the color proportions you used. Your handmade clasp is beautiful, and I love it that you used this as an opportunity to make more for your shop to work on that goal.

  2. Vibrant and beautiful! Love that you made your own clasp....Isn't it great when we can make out own findings.

  3. I am really enjoying seeing what everyone came up with but I do have to say that this is one of my favorites. So bright and happy.

  4. Your necklace is just bursting with colorful details and ah-ha moments of whimsy, just like the painting. Love your design!

  5. Your necklace is so vibrant and fun! Love the mix of colors and Marsha's pendant works so great as a response to the inspiration art. So many of the creations just make me happy with so much bright color!

  6. Your wonderful design has a "go-to" and "wear-it-everyday" quality to it. Bravo.