Sunday, October 11, 2015

October Art Bead Scene Challenge

Ma'at from Tomb of the Queen Nerfertar
I love the October Art Bead Scene Challenge.  The subject of it has always fascinated me me. Mythology and Queen Nefertari have interested me since I was a little girl.  This month's inspiration is an image found in the tomb of Queen Nefertari.   Her tomb is located in the Valley of the Queens, near the ancient city of Thebes, Egypt. It is one of the best preserved and most ornate of all known tombs. Unfortunately, in 2003 the tomb was closed to the general public.

Her tomb has many depictions of mythological deities.  This diety is the winged goddess Ma'at who is the symbol of truth, order, law, morality and justice.  Ma'at is shown in a red dress, her green wings extended to shield the queen's cartouche.
wing focal made by Blueberribeads
As soon as I saw this challenge, I immediately focused on the wings.  I selected a focal bead that is a wing made by Blueberribeads. The beautiful bird or angel wing is ceramic.  This green feather has been hand carved from earthenware clay and colored with a tea green glaze.  I love this particular focal because a wing symbolizes.  This is a motif that I use in some of my jewelry.  The wing can be used to make remembrance necklaces.  I also use it in some of my earrings.

The color palette that I decided to use is green, brown, and orange with a tiny hint of yellow.  The orange agate beads with a little yellow worked to brighten the dark brown natural brass chain.  This is a nice color palette for fall jewelry too.  I am creating fall jewelry now so I think this will be a good fit.  What do you think?  If you would like to purchase the wing necklace, it is available HERE.


  1. Love your entry this month! That wing focal is great, and it is wonderful paired with the orange agate. Orange is a favorite of mine, and you are right, it brightens the necklace and is a nice contrast with the other elements.

  2. The feather was a very popular interpretation for the challenge. I like the one you selected. It looks lovely and the necklace has just the right emphasis.

  3. A great necklace and perfect for fall. The focal bead is just yummy and perfect for the challenge.
    Linda x