Friday, November 13, 2015

Superstition Blog Hop Friday the 13th

Superstition Blog Hop

Tammy Adams, the Paisley Lizard, is the sponsor of this Superstition Blog Hop held on November, Friday the 13th!   Tammy made black cats from polymer clay for all the participants to use.  Thank  you Tammy!  This enables all participants to have fun posting our cat jewelry, adding photos. talking about superstitions, and hoping from post to post.

My grandcat Boo

This is a special blog hop for me because I love cats. I have 3 of my own and 3 grandcats. My daughter has a very cute American Bombay cat named Boo. I love how he looks like a panther.

Boo making himself at home in my living room
Superstitions about black cats originated long time ago and varies from nation to nation. Romans and Egyptians consider cats as sacred animals. Cat is worshiped in India and Israel. In European countries, a cat is not considered as a good animal (especially not black cat).  In Western history, black cats have often been looked upon as a symbol of evil omens, specifically being suspected of being the familiars of witches.  Most of Europe considers the black cat a symbol of bad luck, especially if one crosses paths with a person, which is believed to be an omen of misfortune and death.  In the United Kingdom it is commonly considered that a black cat crossing a person's path is a good omen.

Whimsical Black Cat with Fish Necklace by Bay Moon Design
Since I have positive feelings for black cats, I gave my polymer cat a whimsical look.  This whimsical black and gray cat necklace has a sterling silver fish suspended from rectangular black beads and black cord with silver accent beads.  The whimsical look of the cat necklace is  completed with a silver cat and tail toggle clasp.  The cat lover necklace has a modern and minimalist look to it. Any cat lover or owner of a  cat would love this piece of cat jewelry.   The cat necklace is 20 inches around and is available for sale HERE

                                                                                                  Black Cat Necklace made for my daughter

I made another cat necklace that will make a special Christmas gift for my daughter. The black ceramic cat pendant is suspended from a rustic handmade copper ring on a lightweight but strong copper colored chain. I added some square Czech glass beads, round golden brown beads added some sparkly beads to them and strung them on copper wire that matches the coppery colored chain. The chain necklace closes with a copper clasp. This piece of black cat jewelry has a modern and minimalist look to it also. Since she loves cats and has a black cat I think she will love it.

Tammy Adams (Hostess)
Renee Hong
Betony Maiden
Coral Law
Lee Koopman
Jeanette Belmont
Shai Williams
Beth McCord
Robin Lynne Showstack
Lori Blanchard
Deb Fortin
Michelle McCarthy
Maria Rosa Sharrow
Kim Dworak
Divya N
Karin Grosset Grange
Mowse Doyle
Carole Carlson
Rebecca White
Shawneen Fagnani
Catherine King
Brook Bock
Kari Asbury
Nan Smith
Caroyn Lawson
Linda Anderson
Ann Schroeder
Melissa Trudinger
Kathy Lindemer


  1. I love your black cat necklaces. I especially like the silver fishbone on the one with Tammy's cat. Just so cute, and I like the idea of positivity toward black cats. Boo is a good argument for black cats; he's beautiful!

  2. I just love those rectangular black beads you used in the necklace. I want some. they go so well with the shape of the pendant. I love cats and black ones are my favourite. I've been owned by a few of them.

  3. I love that you shared photos of your grandcat. He's gorgeous. And I adore the whimsical necklace that you made with your Lucky Black Cat bead. It's perfect. Your second necklace is fabulous. Your daughter is very lucky to be receiving such a versatile and wearable piece. Thanks so much for joining the hop.

  4. I like the gift that you made for your daughter, it feels like a goodwill talisman. Your Boo looks pretty sweet too

  5. Beautiful cat and beautiful cat jewelry! I especially love the first necklace and it's playful aspect!

  6. What great designs! Black cats have always brought joy to my life and your designs reflect that.

  7. That fishbone charm just added the perfect touch to this necklace. Love it!

  8. Great job! I love that you used the fish charms on the ending AND the fish skeleton was a very whimsical touch!

  9. Love the fur baby pics - he does look like a panther! The first necklace is so fun and whimsical - love the cat face on the back and the fish bone dangle.
    Your daughter will love her cat necklace - it is perfect!

  10. Agree with other people. The fishbone charm made the necklace very special.