Friday, February 26, 2016

Bead Peeps Partner Marcy Lamberson

I am participating in Bead Peeps 2nd Annual Swap'n Hop.  The reveal date is May 15.  I am paired with Marcy Lamberson, a glass artist who loves making people smile through her whimsical beads and sculptures. She is also a glass teacher too who teaches private lessons in her studio in Atlanta and group lessons at studios around the United States.

Spirit Bear Fetish by Marcy Lamberson
Spirit Bear by Marcy Lamberson
Her art work is gorgeous. Just look at this sweet pearlized pale rose colored spirit bear. She uses dichroic glass to make her "sky" shimmer and a silvered reflective glass to make her "mountains" reflect light and bring out the metallics.
I recognized right away that many of her pieces are animal fetish beads and sculptures because my brother who has spent a lot of time in the southwest has been collecting them for years and I have given him a number of fetishes for Christmas over the years.  A fetish is defined as an object regarded with awe as being the embodiment of a potent spirit or as having magical potency.  

Marcy has lived in Wyoming and Colorado before settling in Atlanta.  This gave her the opportunity to be immersed in the culture and art of the area.  The influence of the Southwest is very evident in her fetish sculpture pieces.  She mades bears which are considered "protectors”.  This is an example of the influence of the Zuni Native American animal fetish. Her buffalos remind me of the beautiful animals that I saw in Yellowstone.  The buffalo is associated with strength and emotional courage and is the harbinger of snow in the winter.
fish fetish by Marcy Lamberson
"Lila " Spirit Fish Fetish Bead by Lamberson
In addition to making sculptures she also makes beads that are small sculptures. "Lila" the Spirit Fish is an example of one of her gorgeous beads/sculptures that is a fetish.  As you may know, water animals are a sign of cleansing, freedom and mobility. They help us to bring out the freedom of playfulness.  The also aid in removing hidden thoughts and actions.  Lila is a lovely soft coral color. She has reflective glass on her tail and fins that catches the light and makes her shimmer.  This bead has a vertical hole 1/16 and is about .75" tall.

I can't wait to see the jewelry that she makes from what I sent her.  It is challenging to have to send her items for this swap.  What do you send someone who can make her own beautiful art beads?  She told me uses mostly copper so I sent her some of my handmade copper clasps and a copper focal that I made.  I included a few brass and sterling silver clasps that I made for her.  She likes aqua, blue, green purple, pinky coral and neutral shades.  I went with some green and aqua beads.

I suggest that you visit Marcy's Etsy shop  to look at more of her work.  She also sells on facebook from time to time.  Stop by my blog on May 15 to see what I make from the goodies she sends me.  I know I can't wait to see what Marcy comes up with!

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