Friday, November 18, 2016

We're All Ears November Challenge

A set of hand-crank candy machines from the 1800s are being put to good use today by a candy-making company out of Tallahassee, Florida called Public Displays of Confection. They have rescued these rusty relics, refurbished them and even resurrected some of the vintage confection recipes. This is one of several videos on their YouTube channel that shows how they use the old equipment to make these candies. This video shows the making of a Victorian Nector Drop and answers the question, why are Lemon Drops called Drops? This video serves as our inspiration for We're All Ears November Challenge.

Don't you just love the color of this candy, the golden honey yellow is so soothing. The process of taking the molten liquid sugar and molding it into long ropes to feed into the machine is fascinating. I love the fact that this is essentially a vintage rolling mill, with all the gears and cranks and brass shapes.

What inspires me about this video?

I zeroed in on the designs on the rolling miil. I was drawn to the starfish and then to the color of the nectar. 

starfish earrings by BayMoonDesign
Starfish earrings by BayMoonDesign

These starfish earrings are the result of this inspiration.  I made them from natural brass sheets that have been embossed with a starfish pattern. The earrings are hand painted also with yellow and green patinas.  I used citrine chips to mimic the candy.  Yellow was a choice based on the color of the candy. The metal has a protective coating to keep the color vivid for years to come! I have hung them on brass ear wires.  
I used my Sizzix Big Shot and DecoEmboss Die - Ocean Reef by Vintaj. 

It is easy to embosses beautiful designs onto different shapes of Vintaj blanks. It is important to wash the blanks before you begin so that any grease is removed.  I then paint Ranger Rick patinas on the metal.  I highlight the raised areas of the blank by using the Vintaj Metal Reliefing block. The last step is the sealant.  

I always enjoy this challenge!  


  1. Beautiful! I love that you took inspiration from the designs on the rolling mill... very nicely done! (And I used citrine, too... I had forgotten just how much I like that sunny yellow. *grin*)

  2. You did a beautiful job embossing the blanks! Love the earrings design!

  3. Nice work, Kathy! Makes me want to pull out my Big Kick and play!

  4. Your earrings came out beautiful. Very fun and unique.