Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays to my ETTEAM with a Celebration of Handmade and Vintage

Christmas photo

This is a selection of ETTEAM items that make great additions to your home or as a gift. What makes them special is they are handmade or vintage.  That is ETTEAM?  We are a small,  structured close-knit team on Etsy an online selling site. This team offers mutual promotion on social media off Etsy, a sense of community, discussion and support, lots of exposure and warm helpful people. We're a team for advice and learning as well as promotion. We strive for fairness. Everyone participates.

These items are picked by member Charlene Sevier.  
Now, look at the picks---


Crew socks

Boho jewelry

Silver necklace

Lip treatment

White light
$46 -

Plastic ornament

Ceramic plate

Pocket-sized hand-cut and painted wood bears

I feel like I know these folks personally.  In fact, some I have known online for probably at least 10 years.  I even got an invitation for coffee from one of the members when she saw I was in her town on a recent camping trip.  I am sure you would be happy and satisfied with a purchase from any of the Etteam.  Gives us a try!  I know you will be happy.

Christmas photo
Happy Holidays to all BayMoonDesign blog readers and  ETTEAM members.  


  1. Lovely blog post, thanks so much. Looking forward to a great 2017 with EETEAM

  2. What a sweet collection of etteam items! Love it all! happy holidays to everyone!!