Thursday, June 29, 2017

Insects-June Themed Challenge

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The June Art Elements theme challenge is to create something (it could be beads, jewelry, art, etc…) inspired by insects. Any medium can be used. It doesn't even have to be an accurate representation of an insect either. It can be something inspired by one.
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I decided to showcase the ladybug.  Living in Delaware I am extra aware of the ladybug. It was adopted as the official state bug of Delaware on April 25, 1974 thanks to an intensive effort made by Mrs. Mollie Brown-Rust and her 2nd grade students of Lulu M. Ross Elementary School in Milford, Delaware. Children love ladybugs.

Coccinellids are known as ladybugs in North America, and ladybirds in Britain and other parts of the English-speaking world.  The majority of coccinellid species are generally considered useful insects, because many species prey on herbivorous such as or scale insects, which are agricultural pests.

lady bug earrings by BayMoonDesign

I was thrilled to be able to snag these lady bug ceramics made by Scottish artisan Grubbi. These lady bug earrings have yellow, white, and black Czech beads threaded onto blackened steel wire that is attached to the black ear wires. This casual insect jewelry is perfect for the summer. The lady bug earrings are available for purchase.

I shared one of my favorite insects. I am anxious to see what others have been inspired to create on the June Art Elements theme challenge .  

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