Friday, February 23, 2018

Bead Peeps 5th Annual Swap N Hop Goodies

Selection of Potential Focal Beads
I was so excited when the mail arrived with all of these goodies.  They were sent to me by Hope Smitherman as part of the Bead Peeps 5th Annual Swap N Hop.  I sorted the beads into two groups--possible focal beads and beads.  My choice of possible focal beads includes a pair of polymer clay beads by Tree Wing Studio.  I predict those are going to be earrings.  Other bead choices include a bead by large bright bead by Gaea.  Hope sent me a floral tin bead that she created from a vintage tin that she found on one of her adventures.  She also sent me a vintage key embellished by Hope with polymer clay flowers.  Hope also included a gorgeous round bead by Kim Rodgers of Numinosity.  I have narrowed down my choice of focal beads to two.  I am going to use the Gaea focal and Hope's floral focal.  I also received a lovely floral clasp and an antique brass leaf clasp which I adore.  On March 26, 2018, I will be revealing what I have created from these beads I have been gifted. 
Selection of Beads
I love all of the colors of beads that Hope sent me.  The colors all co-ordinate with the focal beads that she sent.  What a treat to not have to dig through all of my beads to find co-ordinating beads.  I am determine to use as many of the beads that Hope sent me as I can. She included some blue and ceramic rounds, amber colored shell beads, blue dyed jasper, green beads, white glass beads, yellow Chinese crystals and some pink salvaged beads.   Since I know I am going to be short on time prior to the reveal, I am trying to get some pieces made now and get them photographed when the sun is shinning bright.

Handmade tags 
I love a lot of the crafts that Hope dabbles in so I appreciate the time and  effort that goes into making them.  She attached her tags that were originally pages from a newspaper .  She punched the tags out and coated them with something like gesso.

Handmade card by Hope
I also make cards so I love seeing other handmade cards.  I am sure that Hope used a Gelli printing plate when she made the print on these cards.  I love the colors.  This card might just be a color palette that I use.

Stop my March 26 and she what everyone has done with their beads!  I am looking forward to seeing what Hope makes along with everyone else.  

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad you can use at least some of what I sent! The card face was indeed made with a gelli plate. (It's so much fun to use!) And, I did try to make the card somewhat match the palette I sent. I'm so glad you see it too. And, I can't wait to see what you get made. I've got a few pieces made from the gorgeous selection you sent and am hoping to get pictures taken soon. March 26th seems so far away!!