Sunday, November 24, 2019

November Art Elements Inspiration - Fossils

Dinosaur Skelton Photo by Jon Butterworth on Unsplash
The inspiration of November's Art Elements challenge is fossils. Fossils are what's left of plants or animals after being buried in mud for a very long time until it turns into rock. Hard parts of animals, like bones and teeth, are the most common things that turn into fossils. Some fossils are the remains of animals that lived long ago and are now extinct, like dinosaurs. Fossils are excavated from many environments, including ancient riverbeds and lakes, caves, volcanic ash falls, and tar pits.

Plastic Dinosaur Toy
My love of fossils began as a young child. Like many children, I was fascinated by dinosaurs. Whenever I was near a museum with dinosaurs, I always made time for a visit. My own children loved dinosaurs. My collections of plastic dinosaurs and books grew as my children's collections were added.  I look forward to passing this collection to my grandchildren.

Photo by Michel Porro on Unsplash

As an adult, I moved near the ocean and  I became interested in ammonites.  Ammonites are perhaps the most widely known fossil.  They usually possess the ribbed spiral-form shell as pictured above. These creatures lived in the seas between 240 - 65 million years ago, when they became extinct along with the dinosaurs. Ammonites belong to a group of predators known as cephalopods, which includes their living relatives the octopus, squid, cuttlefish and nautilus.

Fossil Necklace by BayMoonDesign
This unique fossil necklace has a pendant inspired by an ancient ammonite fossils. I added the long fine chain to the ancient fossil. To complete my focal I added a neutral ceramic bead. The neutral colors in this boho necklace make it perfect for lots of outfits. It is also a light weight necklace that can be worn comfortably.

The one of a kind polymer clay fossil bead is by Brooke Bock. The ceramic is by Sandra Sapienza. It is a long 30 inches around with the focal hanging below 2.5 inches.
ammonite Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
This is a blog hop so grab a beverage and enjoy seeing what everyone created for this challenge.  We all love to hear your comments so please tell us what you think of our pieces.

AE Team

Thanks to everyone who participated. 

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  1. Beautifully done!
    I think ammonites speak to a lot of us because they look so perfect in their pattern.