Thursday, May 28, 2020

Butterfly Theme Art Elements Challenge

Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash
In May I took part in the Butterfly Theme Challenge created by Art Elements Community. Butterflies were the theme for the Art Elements design challenge. The Art Elements Team has made some changes to the monthly theme challenges, including moving the reveals from a blog hop to a photo album in a new FaceBook group - Art Elements Community - for all challenges or to Instagram. I decided to stay with my blog and to test the waters of Instagram.

People of a certain age have much more difficulty with programs like Facebook and Instagram then you might think. I struggle with both. I have somewhat mastered Facebook and still have work to do on Instagram. I decided to use this challenge and the 100 days project on Instagram as motivation to accomplish both challenges. In the 100 Days Project you post your creations each day for 100 days on Instagram. I used some of the creations I made for this challenge as the subjects for Instagram posts and motivation. It was a win win. This has gotten me to post my work on Instagram on a regular basis and that should help promote my jewelry and cards. This will be a real life experiment for me.
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

This challenge allowed me to take time to create with a beautiful swallowtail stamp that I had never used.  I also discovered a wonderful tutorial that shows how to create stunning black and white cards with the stamp.  Even if you don't have this stamp, the technique that was used can be applied to many large stamps.  The tutorial shows the card being made with black ink on white paper and I loved the look so I used the color palette on my card.

Thank You card by BayMoonDesign
With an elegant black and white butterfly sitting on this card, the card can be appropriate for lots of different occasions. I used a detailed butterfly stamp with black ink to create a 3 dimensional butterfly by layering part of one butterfly on a portion of another. I added a clear gem to the body of the butterfly. To make a thank you note, I stamped the sentiment "A special note of Thanks to You" in black ink.
Wedding Card by BayMoonDesign

The same card with Congratulations stamped on it, is perfect for a June wedding. I have also made this card as a sympathy card by adding the text "With Sympathy". 

Thinking of You card by BayMoonDesign

I was interested to see how the butterfly stamp would look with white craft ink. I like how the white craft ink looks with brown card stock.  It has a totally different look--much more earthy and less formal.   It reads "thinking of you" on the front and
 is blank on the inside so that you can add a personal note. This thinking of you card can be used as a sympathy card, get well card, breakup card, or note card.  Both cards make add nicely to my Online shop.  I am eager to try another color palette.  I have been thinking of some pink on pink but I haven't found the time.  

Handmade Mother's Day Card from 4 month old grandson
Both of my adult children are on Instagram but not Facebook as much. They noticed my posts to Instagram had focused on butterflies. My son even commented that he noticed how much I like butterflies. My daughter helped my 4 month old grandson Petey make this butterfly Mother's Day card for me. I think that my Instagram posts planted the Mother's Day card in her mind.  I know she planted Petey's foot in that paint.

Vintaj Embossing plates and butterfly blanks
Vintaj Embossing plates and butterfly blanks
I just happened to have some Vintaj butterfly blanks and embossing blanks in my stash. I sandwiched them together and ran them through my embossing machine. I loved how they turned out.

Vintaj Embossing plates and embossed butterflies
Vintaj Embossing plates and embossed butterflies
Once again I was interested to compare some color palettes. Next, I got out Swellegant Tiffany Green/Rust Patina and Ranger Vintaj Patina. I decided to see what the butterflies would look like with different patinas.

Swellegant Patina on the butterflies
I used a Swellant Patina on these butterflies.  
I really like the results that I got with the Swellegant patina on the butterfly pieces.  I was hoping for a more Tiffany green shade than rust and that is what I got.

blanks painted with Ranger patina
blanks painted with Ranger patina

I also put a couple of shades of Ranger Vintaj patina on the same embossed blanks and went with a very different color palette that I also liked.  I especially like the small orange butterfly on top of a filagree piece that was a silver colored metal that I used the Swellegant on.  I have to admit that I was hoping to get more of the Tiffany Green color, I was surprised that it was similar to rust.  I love it paired with the small orange butterfly.  I am sure that this will be part of a component for a necklace some day.  Making more of my components and beads rather than making more jewelry is another one of my goals for the next couple of months. 

necklace component by BayMoonDesign
necklace component by BayMoonDesign
I am glad that I participated. This challenge helped me move forward in a couple of areas. I still am resistant to Instagram but I am determined to keep it up at least for the 100 Day Challenge. I am hoping I will see the benefit of it by then and get better posting. A blog takes longer, but I enjoy is more both reading and writing, but I do see the time savings of Instagram. I am just not sure my mind is wired that way.  Maybe with more time, I will love Instagram.


  1. You were so productive for this theme! Everything is lovely and I especially like the white ink on brown paper card. The Swellegant products are fun in an unpredictable way. The Tiffany Green is my favorite. It took me about a year from when I signed up for Instagram to when I posted my first photo. I still don't know what I'm doing there but I keep posting. Congrats on jumping in with the 100 day project.

  2. It's obvious you've been inspired! The cards are very beautiful and elegant but the little feet butterfly is the cutest! I love the Vintaj butterflies, too, so beautiful!

  3. Wow - I love how the cards turned out! I especially love the tan card with white butterfly!
    I am in the same boat on social media. I know enough to be really, really dangerous. But, it is fun to post pictures and I love seeing all the different images on Instagram.