Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vintage Wedding

Lilly's Pearl Earrings with a Hint of Pink

 I love coin pearls.  I think they are among nature's prettiest of pearls.  Whenever I find some coin pearls that are a beautiful color, I add them to my bead collection.  I also collect any other gorgeous pearls that I find.  Lately, I have been cruising the Internet looking for great beads and I have found a couple of giveaways.  My latest giveaway that I entered is inspired by a vintage wedding and sponsored by Lilly's Lace.  The website itself is visually gorgeous.  
This giveaway has some really interesting vintage items.  Two lucky people will get part of Lilly's stash which is made up of at least 2 yards of a wedding dress skirt, sleeves and pieces of a bodice all tea stained. There are several pieces of lace, vintage jewelry, bride and groom cupcake toppers A bridal bingo card, mother of pearl buttons of all sizes and a gumball machine bible. I would love to see that bingo card. I am wondering the categories are.  I have a cousin Sandy who is a mixed media artist and between her and me, we would put  these goodies to good use.

With that giveaway in mind, I remembered these gorgeous pale pink coin earrings that I squirreled away.  I located some tiny teardrop shaped pearls that are the same color and decided to launch a custom wedding collection in my etsy shop.  These earrings took sometime to create but I am happy with them.  I am naming this earring after my inspiration.

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