Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Beetles

The Lady bug from my Childrens' Line of Jewelry
I don't like bugs.  Have you noticed the amount of flies that are around this summer.  You would think that with 5 cats in my house over the 4th of July weekend that I wouldn't have flies in my house.  Wrong!  

There are a couple of bugs that I do like.  One is the lady bug.  The lady bug was adopted as the official state bug of Delaware in 1974.  Do you know that the lady bug is also called lady beetle, ladybird, or ladyfly.  The lady bugs help gardeners and farmers by eating tiny insect pests that damage plants. A ladybug can consume up to 60 aphids per day, but will also eat a variety of other insects and larvae and also pollen and nectar.  The lady bug is included in my children's line of jewelry.  It is a popular necklace because the bug is so cute and popular with kids.
Do you remember how much fun collecting Fireflies was in the summertime when you were a kid? There was always something magical about the way they lit up.  The 4th of July usually marks the middle of their season.  I remember I would collect them in a peanut butter jar with a lid of punched out holes for air, trying to catch as many as I could for a more spectacular light show. After a few hours of gazing through the lit jar, I would set them free.  I thought everyone might enjoy a trip down memory lane and perhaps learn a little about Fireflies—and guess what? They’re not flies at all—they’re beetles!

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