Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday, Sunfish and Squash

Red Coral and Pearls
I love to make crocheted necklaces and I love pearls.   I have had some marigold yellow pearls for well over  a year and I have never been able to figure out what to do with them.  Since bold and bright colors are popular this summer, I thought that this would be the time to do something with these pearls.  Saturday I finally got the inspiration to combine them with red coral and brown artistic to create this necklace.  The inspiration came on the water!

Mid Atlantic Regional Sunfish Race
Saturday,  my husband and I watched the Mid Atlantic Regional Sunfish Race which was held off  Lewes Beach Delaware.  We positioned our boat in front of a bouy and waited for the boats to make the turn. The wind was good and  5 races were held.  Most of the sails were white so I was drawn to this yellow and red sail.  I thought that the colors would really jump out.  I made the decision then that this was the time to combine my marigold yellow pearls with the gorgeous red coral beads that I had just purchased.
My Bead Stash
My decision to mix these two bold colors was reinforced with my dinner.  We had yellow squash. As I stared at the squash, I thought of those pearls once again.  I took this as a sign to make this necklace now.  I believe that there is a kind of a zen to making jewelry as with most artistic endeavors.  Finally  my ingredients for a necklace and the inspiration for it came together.  A new way to serve squash in our house was discovered.  The fresh out of the garden squashed was sliced in half lengthwise .  The squash was grilled with teriyaki sauce brushed on the open center.  This was a winning combination of flavors.  I recommend this recipe for an easy and quick side dish that is perfect for this time of year when gardens are filled with squash.  
Squash Recipe

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