Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meet the Winners of Bay Moon Design Giveaways

My 2 giveaways have been won by 2 creative followers of my Bay Moon Design blog.  Kashmira Patel has won Marsha Neal's "Down by the River Silks".  Kashmira donates some of her  proceeds from her beautiful jewelry to the children of Project Why.  Project Why is a New Delhi (India) based non-profit organization engaged in education support and life skill enhancement of slum children and their families.
Down by the River Silk Ribbons by Marsha Neal Studio

Kashmira has a wonderful blog called Sadafulee...Always in Bloom.   Sadafulee is the name brand of her jewelry.  SADAFULI, vinca rosea or Periwinkle is a happy-go-lucky small shrub. It cares not for the world. It rejoices in sun or rain, or the seaside, in good or indifferent soil and often grows wild. She says,  "I hope I can help the children bloom, just like the Sadafulee!"
Nina Designs Deer Hide used in Bay Moon Design Necklace

Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures   is the winner of the Nina Designs Deer Hide.  I know she will enjoy using it as much as I did.  Lisa is a self taught jewelry artist and bead lover.  Lisa shares my  love of nature and the ocean.  She incorporates nature into her designs, especially ocean colors. Her work has been published in Bead Trends magazine, and is sold on-line.

Congrats to both!  


  1. Thank you so much, Kathy! I love your blog! I can't wait to use the Nina Designs deer hide. I'll post a picture of what I make. Congrats to Kashmira as well!

  2. Thank you SO much, Kathy!
    For the silk and for the shout out.
    I do donate all my proceeds to the kids, they are truly special :)
    Hoping to make something fabulous for them with these ribbons! Thanks again!!

    I will message you my address.

  3. Love what you made with your deer hide leather - isn't it amazing stuff? it is so soft :)

    thanks for joining the award blog hop - happy to see you there!