Friday, October 12, 2012

My Bead Table Blog Hop

Beads Sent by Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures for the blog

Lisa Lodge is the host of "My Bead Table Blog Hop".  We have a lot in common.  She is a self taught jewelry artist and bead lover. I am too!  She loves to incorporate nature into her designs, especially ocean colors. I do too! We met online in other blog hops.  I jumped at the chance to get some beads from her table because she has a wonderful eye for color as you can see from what she sent me.  She also has a large range of beads that she collects.  I absolutely love some of the ceramic beads that she sent me.  

Star and Comets Necklace by Bay Moon Design 

The necklace is made with different shades of aqua and turquoise beads from the mix that Lisa sent as well as a handmade artisan focal which has stars and comets. The unique focal is by Firefly Design Studio. I used sterling silver wire to create loops to attach the focal to the beads that are strung on wire.  A cream colored silk ribbon from Marsha Neal Studio is added to complete the necklace.

Green Fish Necklace and Matching Earrings by Bay Moon Design
 This green fish necklace is made with different shades of green beads from the mix I was sent as well as some neutral colored ceramic beads I had on hand.  The large square ceramic beads in the mix were a perfect match for a wonderful fish focal by Firefly Design Studio that I had just purchased at the Philadelphia bead fest. The beads are wire wrapped with brass wire.  I made some matching earrings with some leftover matching beads from the mix.  The necklace gets its inspiration from nature. The green and beige colors remind me of the sea life found in the ocean.

Lime Green Fish Necklace with Unique Artisan Ceramics by Bay Moon Design
 My next necklace is made with different shades and types of green beads from the mix as well as some green speckled ceramic beads that are vintage and I had on hand.   I also added the pale green ceramic beads that surround the fish.  They are from Lisa's lovely mix.  I used the last of the 2 fish focals by Firefly Design Studio that I got at the bead fest.  The necklace also contains a gorgeous piece of silk ribbon from Marsha Neal Studio which I crocheted and attached a clasp to the ends of it.  Each piece of the necklace is meticulously wire wrapped with bronze wire.   The necklace gets its inspiration from nature.   The greens remind me of the color of the ocean.
Tangerine Orange Floral Necklace by Bay Moon Design

For this tangerine orange pearl necklace I paired a dainty flower from the mix with a copper filigree I had on hand to create the focal. I had tangerine orange blister pearls and copper beads on hand so I used them to complete the necklace.  The necklace has copper leaf clasp to carry out the nature motif. I love to use pearls because they are classic and are from nature.
Vintage Owl Bracelet by Bay Moon Design

I used a super cute, gray owl and some gray base metal beads from my bead stash along with orange, yellow, and rectangular agate beads from the mix.  The gray owl is German vintage lucite with the design carved on both sides. The leaf toggle carries the toggle carries through the nature theme.

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  1. Love the lime green fish necklace!

  2. I agree, you and Lisa both have an eye for color. Beautiful work on all of your pieces and I especially love the green fish necklace!

  3. You made some great pieces. I have to say the orange necklace is my favorite, I love that design!

  4. Have to agree with Ginger and Lisa that fish focal you snagged at Bead Fest is awesome, but that gray owl is just fantastic and you highlighted it beautifully.

  5. such beautiful jewellery, I love the fish necklace, so original!

  6. all of these are so much fun! but my favorite is definitely the fish! that is awesome!

  7. Those are wonderful. I love the fish necklace! I also love the orange necklace. You made the stick pearls look so nice .. and that filigree is awesome with the orange focal!

  8. Love how you made the fish. That's so clever... and beautiful! Tagerine necklace is delicious.

  9. Beautiful creations Kathy, I love the green fish necklace.

  10. What wonderful designs! I am a big fan of Firefly Design Studio, and I love how you used her focals in your pieces. If I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say either the first necklace with the square focal or the first fish necklace. Or maybe the second fish necklace. Or the owl bracelet. Or the blister pearl necklace. Oh heck - I love them all!

    :) Molly

  11. Cute fishy.I am thinking all your pieces have a sense of peace about them.Lovely and loving. Love and hugs Tanya

  12. I like all of the jewelry you made. I especially like the fish and what you did with it.

  13. You made so many wonderful pieces!! I especially like your green fish necklace and your vintage owl bracelet - both so fun and love the colors!